Building brand image via Product Packaging

Product packages have evolved from simple black and white names of products to complex product labels. Basically, product packaging serves to protect the products inside. It helps to keep products...

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Electronic Calendars vs. Printed Calendars

Calendars are used to help people handle their personal schedules, resources, and activities, particularly when they have a lot of work, school, or family obligations. To avoid overcommitting their...

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Flyers are Still In!

From the 18th century to the 20th century, Flyers were inexpensive to manufacture and only needed a simple printing press. With the introduction of less costly desktop publishing systems in the...

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Why would you still need a brochure?

Even if you just do business online, there can be occasions when you need to hand out a paper brochure to someone. A brochure, as opposed to a flyer, is normally made of higher-quality paper, has...

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How posters are helpful for business?

The current business environment favors contemporary advertising channels, for example, web-based media, email pamphlets, retail applications, etc. In any case, banner promoting isn’t dead, yet....

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