Why would you still need a brochure?

Jun 8, 2021

Even if you just do business online, there can be occasions when you need to hand out a paper brochure to someone.

A brochure, as opposed to a flyer, is normally made of higher-quality paper, has more color, and is at most times, folded.


People would expect you to have a professional brochure if you attend trade shows or make sales calls. Printed brochures can also be used as a promotional tool by manufacturers and can endorse other advertisements, direct mail, and online promotions. It’s one of the most effective ways of communicating your products and services directly to your target market.


great brochure, sells.

Consider yourself a client, put yourself in their shoes, and consider what will appeal to you, or try it out on friends and colleagues. Sell the advantages of the product or service to the consumer, and imagine the product from their perspective. You have a potential customer’s attention if you can answer the question, “How would this help me?”.

The wording in a marketing brochure is always very optimistic, with “glowing words” to explain the features and benefits being provided, since the purpose of a marketing brochure is usually to assist in the sales or delivery of goods and services. The emphasis is usually on persuasion, in order to persuade people to want to buy the things mentioned in the brochure.


Yes, you can guide them to your website, but a custom designed brochure gives your prospect a more personal touch by explaining what the product or service can do for them and why they should buy from you. Most of us have visited an event or trade show where we encountered businesses we have never heard of before. We search for ways to identify with the brand, to see what they do and how they do it, and to assess the company’s “character.” Business brochures are ideal for this purpose, and they can also be distributed at networking events or at first client meetings to make a lasting impression.


To offer the impression of quality, print your brochures in four colors on dense, glossy paper.

Businesses may use a computer printer or a digital printer to print small quantities of brochures, but more advanced brochure printing produces like the ones in Print City can cater to larger quantities at a lower cost per item.

Yes, it is the digital age and you may also do digital ads on social media or your website but people still inherently want written materials that they can take home and read whenever they want. If they have your business brochure with them, it saves them the hassle of typing your URL and just get on with knowing your business. It cuts the buyer’s journey shorter and brings you new customers quicker.

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