Goodbye Pop-Up Banners, Hello Pull-Up Banners!

Jun 5, 2021

Imagine your company would like to attend an event where you could have your own booth to showcase your products or put educational brochures and handy flyers about your services for passers-by to read on. Of course, an all-important component of your eye-catching booth is the printed banner that bears your brand’s logo, business name, or a list of services or items you want to offer.

Banners can also be used on special gatherings and events that will be enhanced and made more attractive by some form of informative standee for people to get a context of who you are or what’s going on.

So the question now is, what type of banner makes more sense to have? To answer that, you’ll have to consider the size of your booth, the layout of an event hall, and all sorts of things to think about before arriving at a final decision.

The popular choices are almost all of the time between a pop-up banner stand and a pull-up banner stand. Before you even start ordering, though, it pays to know each type of banner so you don’t regret ordering any one of them later when the big day comes.


As the name suggests, a pop-up banner is something that you Pop Open. You might have seen these stands getting set up by clicking together various pieces to assemble one eye-catching banner stand.

The pull-up banner stand gets set up a lot simpler. All you have to do is pull one end up from its origin point and you have a visually appealing stand to compliment your spot and get you recognized in an event! Aside from the quick set up, a pull-up banner stand can also have both sides printed on.


Though they offer the same functionality, they offer totally different levels of convenience and usability. Here is the rundown of the key differences of both banner stands:

  • SET UP TIME – Pull-up banners takes less time to set up compared to pop-up banners. This helps you spend less time trying to assemble your banner stand, allowing you to give more attention to your audience and focus on actually promoting your business.
  • SIZE – Pop-up banners are bulkier because of the parts that you have to put together for it to be visible. Having a Pull-Up Banner on the other hand, will not require you a lot of space in your luggage or your vehicle because the banner just neatly tucks itself away when not in use.
  • COST – Pull-up banner stands is the more affordable option between the 2 and being able to print banners on both sides, means you’re saving on costs instead of getting 2 separate sets of pop-up banners.

When you’re deciding which banner to get to compliment your booth or a small event that you have, remember the key differences we’ve just mentioned here today to help you decide on what’s right for you.

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