Sticker & Wall Mural Printing
  • Sticker & Wall Mural Printing
  • Sticker & Wall Mural Printing

Wall stickers, wall mural and wall decals can be a very cost-effective way to promote your brand or products because they can be installed almost everywhere and on almost any surface. It is very ideal especially for short-term advertising or promotions. Businesses use stickers to shout out a sale. Government agencies use stickers to push awareness messages across to the general public.

Some common uses of stickers, decals & murals can be on retail shop windows, building façade, steps, walls, pillars, doors, lift doors, railings, ramps, table tops, mirrors, etc.

Vehicular windscreen decals and body stick-on’s are very popular ways to get your brand to the thousands of road-users a car or van can encounter in a single day.

Stickers, Mural & Decals are usually used when you do not want the surface damaged or you think that creating a lively mural is expensive and time-consuming, or the surface is not suitable for high-resolution graphics ink or paint transference.

So convenient are stickers that some businesses have even been known to change their promotional artwork on a daily basis because they are that easy to print and install.

  • – Supports Order Of Any Size (1pcs – 1,000,000pcs)
  • – Matt/Gloss Lamination
  • – Die Cuts Stickers & Wall Decals Available
  • – Vinyl Sticker Installation
  • – Glass Sticker Installation
  • – Custom Wall Sticker Installation

Here are Print City, we have state-of-the art digital printing technology to give you crisp lively colours that will make your message shine. We can turn around stickers and wall decals quickly, even customized with hot-stamping, spot-UV, lamination, die-cutting and we can even print on different materials to suit different surfaces. Our operations staff are also highly experienced for on-location installation jobs whatever the surface, height of installation – even outdoor signages.

Call our Print City specialists today and find out why we are the Number One choice for sticker, murals and decal printing in Singapore.

For more information, you may contact us or call us at +65 6274 8171.

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