Looking for standees?

You have come to the right place! Print City has a long-standing tradition of creating eye-catching standees for every purpose or occasion. We have printed standees on cardboard, foam-board, vinyl, paper and other materials.

With Print City you can have standees for different uses such as:
Counter-top display standee for lucky draws
Shop entrance display standee to entice walk-in customers
Walkway or aisle display standee to provide directions
Display Standee for directions or notices for buildings.
Public area display for awareness campaigns
Exhibitions or event display for publicity
Office lobby advertising display to inform customers of new or additional offerings
Party props

Print City can create free-standing standees for you within a few short days, ensuring that your event or promotion will get a lot of attention. Nothing beats a 3D visual because it is something you have to literally encounter on the way to your destination.

Singapore businesses trust Print City because our digital printing makes for exceptional quality artwork that is vibrant and exuberant. Our experts are super experienced so you can explain your needs and they can customize something that we are sure is more than you had had in mind. Customers rave about our turnaround time because Print City has the speed and system that other printing firms talk about.

If you have special requirements on your Display Standee printing, do speak to our printing specialists andadvisell advice you accordingly.

For more information, you may contact us or call us at +65 6274 8171.

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