Why Should You Still Hand Out Name Cards In 2021?

Jun 2, 2021

It’s the digital age!

This is a fact of life that’s pushing some business owners and professionals to leave behind some old practices of marketing which includes handing out name cards, or sometimes referred to as business cards, to potential customers after successfully building up a rapport with them or smoothly introducing themselves and their business.

With the birth of digital advancements such as websites and social media, it seems easier now for businesses to reach out to exponentially more people and publish details about themselves over the internet.

Despite that, there still are many company officials or business owners that keep some cards with them at all times because of the following reasons:


Handing out a business card is not just about giving your contact information to a potential customer and running along your separate ways. Rather, it’s a perfect time to socialize and connect with them well so that they feel your sincerity and warmth as a businessperson. It’s difficult to convey that through static photos or posts on a website or social media. It’s more effective when it’s done personally.


While personality and warmth play a big role in gaining the trust of your future client, your name card must have an eye-catching design and the right dimensions. According to a research by marketing experts at Small Business Trends, 72% will judge your company by the quality of your business card. A visually appealing and well-thought-of business card design will help you build a favorable impression about yourself or your business with your potential customer. Take this chance to include your company logo, using your brand colors, and readable typefaces to give your card a professional look that stands out.


Interestingly enough, there have been studies conducted by marketing and design experts revealing statistics that may erase your doubts about the viability of name card printing in this day and age. Researchers at Small Business Rain Maker, for example, have noted that the conversion rate of a business card is greater than that of a website. Business cards have 12% conversion rate which is 5 times the conversion rate of your average website at 2.35%!

As ways of marketing progress to accommodate more efficient means of scaling up audience reach, there is still undeniable evidence that printing name cards with the right design template and handing them out with professional approach, can actually leave a lasting impression on the spot and communicate your intent to your potential client even before they reach for their mobile device to look you up on the internet. With studies showing that business cards are in fact more effective in conversion rates, there’s more reasons to keep them in your marketing arsenal.

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