Why a Booth Design Service is Important for Your Exhibition Booth

Sep 22, 2015

Your company booth has the power to draw business in to your company, create connections in the business world, call in new clients, make your corporate identity known in your local community, and establish your company’s brand. The question is not so much why a design service is important, the question is really ‘Why on earth would you choose not to use one when so much is riding on the success of the booth’?

Promotional advertising is truly a wise investment that will pay off down the road. Some companies make the mistake of thinking that because the dividends of their investment cannot be realized in real time, they have no value. Nothing could be further from the truth. Promotion and advertising works, which is why everyone is doing it. The key is to streamline your promotion in such a way that it does work for you.

Exhibition booths are a great example of how your corporate dollars at work result in sales. Because exhibitions have such potential to increase sales and connections, it is of the utmost importance that you do not err on the side of caution and appoint someone down in sales to build a booth. On the contrary, the money you spend in the design and implementing of your corporate booth will make the difference between its being seen or ignored.

The exhibition booth has the ability to leave a long-term impression on everyone who walks past it, whether they walk in and engage with you or not. Companies that design the booths are expert in knowing what catches the eye and draws people in. They know what sticks in the mind of those people who see the booth.

Using a design service opens up a couple of options as well. You can buy a booth if your company plans to use it more than one time, or you can rent a fully customized booth if you  are only going to need it one time. Each has its advantage.

With the help of a booth design service, your company logo or brand can be transformed into a beautiful, larger than life, 3 dimensional work of art. With the help of technology, you can have a look at what the finished product is going to look like before you commit to paying for it. The logistics of trying to create your own corporate booth is of such a monumental scale that it is not cost or time effective to try to do it yourself, when there are companies that do this every day and know the ins and outs because it is their business to know them.

Think about a design company in this light- they are there to offer their unique service, just as your company is in business to offer what you do. Your company probably thinks of itself as one that offers the best in the industry; yet unless your industry includes the building and designing of an exhibition booth, you are trying to do a job you are not properly suited to do, and in such a case, your finished product will be less than it could be. Don’t gamble with the corporate money you’ve been entrusted to steward. Use the outside services of a professional, so that your company will not only look professional, but reap professional results.


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