Value-Added Printing Service Capabilities Help Drive Strong Industry Growth in Singapore

Jun 26, 2016

With the rapid adoption of value-added services and technologies within the industry, Singapore has become one of the premier markets for printing businesses. Local and international companies alike have often directed their printing orders to Singapore printers for services from name cards and flyers to large-format banners and exhibition booths.

What is Driving Singapore’s Printing Industry Growth?

Singapore is one of the primary locations for printing services in the Asia-Pacific region. Local, regional and global companies all direct their projects to Singapore because of the availability of high-quality, reliable and fast printing capabilities; as well as Singapore’s comprehensive regulations surrounding the protection of intellectual property. SPRING Singapore reports that, “Close proximity to regional major markets also positions Singapore as a preferred location as the Asia-Pacific headquarters of many leading international publishers.”

According to SPRING, the adoption of new technologies has allowed printing companies in Singapore to increase the number of product offerings they can provide to clients.  The ability to offer end-to-end services has enabled local printers to attract international clients including mass-market retailers, multi-national media companies and consumer-product manufacturers.

The data below from SPRING Singapore shows the growth in the number of printing businesses operating in Singapore from 2009 to 2013.

Singapore Printing Industry Growth
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
# of Establishments 860 836 815 952 927
Source: Economic Development Board & SPRING Singapore

What is Driving Growth

Growth is not just coincidental. It has been the result of economic factors, active business owners in the market, and is supported by the government through various methods.

Some of the reasons for the growth in the printing industry in recent years are:

  • Singapore’s pro-business environment makes it easy for companies to work with Singapore printers.
  • Many industry players in Singapore are leveraging emerging technologies and Singapore’s robust economic and physical infrastructure to establish and operate printing businesses.
  • Government incentives and other resources are in place to help Singapore printing companies get started and grow their businesses.

How to Select the Best Printing Company for Your Needs

Just like with any business or product, you deserve to work with a company that provides you with the services you need, answers your questions quickly, and strives to provide top-quality production and customer support.

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  • Small-volume and large-volume print jobs
  • Displays, banners and large-format advertising
  • Booth design, collateral design and LED signage
  • Apparel and corporate gifts
  • End-to-end-services for events management
  • And much more…

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