Are you using your DMs effectively?

Oct 27, 2017

How to use DMs effectively.

There has been a long-standing debate amongst marketers regarding DMs vs EDMs and digital advertising vs print advertising. Most marketers conclude that DMs are something of the past and shouldn’t be used any more since entering the digital age. However, let’s look at some reasons why DMs should be overlooked and how to make your DMs appeal to your audience.

Higher feedback

When looking for “new” clients, research after research shows direct mail (DM) will create more new clients than email. The recent research by direct marketing association demonstrates DM being ten to thirty times more successful than EDM.

Higher delivery rate

The direct mail (DM) list is normally 95% deliverable. On the other side, emails have a delivery rate of about 50%. Also, because of constant attack by spammers, Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL are starting to block unrequested emails and due to this purpose, some are forecasting the downfall of email “searching.” Fantastic list, fantastic imaginative, fantastic offer …. All this is insignificant if the email providers (AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) do not convey. With DM – your offer becomes delivered!

Higher open speed

With the large greater number of email searching campaigns, 95 plus percent of all emails are never opened. The EDM receiver will either move it to the SPAM pack or delete it without even looking at it. However, DMs are a tangible thing which typically captures the glance. The recipient might not read each word; however, your organisation brand or name will achieve much more recognition with DM than EDM.

Customers preference.

An Epsilon research established that more than 50% of clients would rather have direct mail (DM) over electronic direct marketing (EDM). And 67% believe direct mail (DM) is unique than the web-based. 70% choose mail for getting unsolicited info from unfamiliar organizations. The Epsilon research also established that 25 percent of customers found DM provides more reliable than EDM.

More possibilities

It is much easier to find a mailing address then an email address. Most of your direct customers are not likely to check their personal emails as often as they would their direct mails. This is mainly because, people get important direct mail such as bills and bank statements. The chances of your material being viewed by your audience is much higher through direct mailers.

Increase online sales and web traffic

DM has the tremendous impact on creating online sales. As per USPS research, more than 60 percent of DM receivers were impacted to visit advertised internet site – with the biggest impact on first-time customers. DM receivers bought 28 percent more things and spent 28 percent more cash than EDM receivers.

Make more visually appealing DMs

DMs have a much bigger impact if they are made interesting. The freedom to create interesting DMs are endless. When you send out an EDM, you are restricted by the platform. Emails are viewed on a screen. This means that the only way you can attract your audience is through interesting content and an attractive colour scheme. However, if you do not have an interesting subject line, your email wouldn’t even be opened and anything that is in your email becomes a wasted effort because it is not viewed.

Most marketers shy away from DMs because they do not know how to make it more interesting. Besides having enjoyable content, you can also make your DMs more interesting by incorporating certain design elements to it. Make your DMs more visually appealing by using speciality substrates, die-cuts, coloured envelopes, embosses, spot varnishes, metallic inks, etc. The effort to create visually appealing really goes a long way, especially when sending DMs. Consider that your DMs are always going to be opened by your audience. Having a visually appealing design is the next step in convincing your audience to read your content.

If you need ideas of how to create good DM material, you can contact our design staff for assistance and they will be very happy to assist you in creating a winning DM.

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