Why you should be using calendars instead of flyers

Oct 20, 2017

Marketing is always an important element for any business. Due to this fact, there are multiple channels of marketing. To business owners or those tasked with running marketing campaigns, it is always important to identify areas with the required target traffic. In addition, the channel settled upon should have the capacity to effectively reach the target customers and assist in attraction and conversion.

One of the marketing channels that has been used for a long time is through calendars. The benefit of this mode of pushing the brand is that there is a sense of ownership of the brand by the fact that the recipient of the calendar keeps it. Although they keep it for their own purpose, the calendars offer a unique advantage of that it will be visible for the entire year. In fact, studies show that this increases brand awareness by about 30% and this could be a reason why search for calendars increase by about 80% for the last three months of the year.

Challenges With Flyers

Calendars and flyers are the most common form of personalised marketing channels. Both options don’t come cheap and as a result making an informed decision to determine where the marketing dollars will be spent is key. Now, studies show that about 85% of the people who receive flyers through them away without reading While 70% of those that do read fail to take the next step. As a result, the effectiveness of the flyers lies below 5%, and thus this raises questions on why to spend marketing funds on them.

Why Calendars

Now, with all the shortcomings we have identified while it comes to the use of flyers in general, it would not be wise to depend on them when running marketing campaigns. On the other hand, calendars are a traditional way of connecting with your customers and making them own your brand. With the increased awareness noted due to view throughout the year is the strategy to take. Also, from the fact that that it adds value to the customers there are reduced chances of the customer throwing it away and with a proper design to suit different needs, the target customer tends to keep it. As a result, it acts as the most powerful marketing tool for attraction and retention.

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