How to use and design wall stickers

Apr 17, 2018

Wall stickers and designs are a unique and great way of advertising products for businesses. They not only advertise but they also serve as interior decoration if well designed. Moreover, they are a great mechanism for attracting potential customers without a struggle. Initially, businesses used brochures as a way of marketing. This is quite strenuous because you struggle to talk to people who may refuse to listen. With designed wall stickers, the message will automatically be communicated and if one is interested, they will enquire for more information. Let u look at how to use and design wall stickers as a marketing strategy for businesses.

Why Wall Stickers

The main reason for using wall stickers is increasing brand awareness. The stickers you create will not only be stuck in the business office you can also give them to be stuck in public places. In that case, many people are going to be aware of the existence of certain products. Moreover, if you have offers in your company, creation of promotional stickers is a great micro-marketing strategy. Stickers are cheap to create, and it is an easy method of communicating with customers whenever you introduce a new product to the market. In addition, creating stickers is a mechanism of strengthening your relationship with your customers. For instance, if you offer car services you can have a sticker that your customer stocks on their car.

How to Design Wall Stickers

Before making up your mind on the design to use for your sticker, decide on the shape and size first. The two will be greatly determined by the intended purpose for the sticker. For example, if the sticker to be used on the business premises then it can be big in size. If it is to issue to customers, then it doesn’t have to be huge so as not to inconvenience the customer. Go for simple, creative, and beautiful designs. Consider the type of product you are promoting for example if it is a kid’s product then you can go for an animated design. You can consult a sticker making company for ideas of exceptional designs.

Consider Colourful, Attractive Colours and Huge Font

It does not matter where the sticker is to be used but the main aim is to grab people’s attention. Wall sticker should be made with colourful and attractive colours such that if the sticker is to be stuck in someone’s lamppost, car bumper, or laptop, it will attract audience meters away. Use bright colours ensuring the sticker gets the attention it deserves. This does not mean you have to use many bright colours. If you go for numerous colours then the sticker may look ugly the message it communicates may be distorted, such that, the audience look at the colours and not the message. Two or three colours can do. Ensure your message is clearly written in a huge font that then the audience won’t struggle to see. A sticker should automatically communicate the intended message without confusion.

In conclusion, use of wall design sticker is a good strategy for marketing a business. The stickers have to be well designed with nice colours and a visible font for them to easily attract the attention of the audience. Moreover, consider unique shape and size of a wall sticker depending on the sticker’s purpose. Contact us today to get your wall sticker printed and installed

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