Understanding the Different Methods of Printing Labels

Aug 26, 2016

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If you are to succeed in achieving your sales objectives and staying head of the pack, you need to invest in a quality label. Professional print companies have the skills and printing equipment required to design and produce elegant labels that will give your products an upper hand.

Here are the three different methods used to print labels.

HD UV Flexo Label Printing

Research studies show that most of the product labels in Singapore and United Kingdom are printed using this method. Currently, UV flexo equipment is the best in the market as it is superior and more durable than the conventional solvent and water based flexo machines. This new era printing machine allows one to combine up to 8 colors, variable data, die cuts, and unusual constructions on the label. It is cost effective as the inks are affordable than the digital toners. The only substantial cost that printing companies have to deal with is the cost of setting up different designs in the machine every time.

Thermal Transfer Label Printing

Thermal transfer label printing is an ideal choice for companies who are on a tight budget and only need simple barcode labels and logos. This method is widely used in industrial labeling application such as tracking. The fact that it is simple and affordable makes it perfect for companies that are trying to reduce their operating costs and at the same time remain competitive in the market.

Hotfoil Label Printing

Hotfoil label printing is another economical and popular label printing technique that is preferred by thousands of businesses due to its ability to make high-quality labels from metallic gold and silver foils.

Nonetheless, each of these label printing techniques has its pros and cons. Take time to compare them to make the right decision for your business.


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