Types of Modern Printing

Jul 3, 2017

Types of modern printing

Laser printing

This printing is characterized by the use of digital electrostatics. It is based on the principal of a laser which is repeatedly passed over a negatively charged drum in an attempt to define an image that is charged.

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing refers to type of printing that involves the use of ink droplets propelled on to a substrate, such as paper or plastic, in order to recreate a digital image.

Both inkjet and laser printing methods are widely used in the following areas;

  1. Large format printing
  2. Small format printing
  3. Corporate printing and
  4. Customized printing
  5. Large format printing

Large format printing refers to a type of inkjet printing method where there’s a use of a sheet of paper for printing whose width exceeds 24 inches

In large format printing, the following equipment is used

l Laminating machines

l Plastic welders

l  HP750 foldbed printers

l HP850 latex printers

l various paper types including fine art paper ,polyester films and linen peel


Large format printing is used for advertisements by means of;

l vehicle image wraps

l Backdrops

l Escalator adverts and

l Window graphics


l When used to produce adverts, it is very effective in displaying and conveying information. This is because of their ability to attract people’s attention.

l The materials used are very durable hence allow for resistance to abrasion and harsh climatic conditions.

l This method of printing is fast and can effectively be done on demand.

l This method of printing is characterized by minimal waste.

  1. 2. small format printing


This is inkjet digital printing method where digital based images are obtained from various media including desktop publishing, among other digital sources.


l High-volume laser printers

l Inkjet printers

Application of small format printing

l They are utilized in desktop publishing

l Advertisements

l Photography

l Architectural design


l It is allows for modifications before printing on the various printing material

l This method is characterized by short turnaround time, hence is fast.

l It suitable for on-demand printing.

l Images produced are of very high quality.


The overall cost per page printed is high.

  1. 3. Corporate printing


This is simply defined as large scale printing carried out by companies to their desired specifications


Inkjet printers


l Used in branding

l used in advertisements


l This method of printing is highly cost effective(due to its execution in large scale)

l It is relatively fast.


Due to the bulky of the projects involved, it is relatively time-consuming.

Customized printing

This is a modern printing method in which printing is done on demand by the individual and in small scale; the printing majorly rely on the individual’s personal requirements and specifications.


Inkjet printers


Small scale printing


l They are based on on-demand principles hence convenient

l several modifications can be made to suit an individual’s printing needs


It is an expensive method.

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