Travel Accessories Are Perfect To Step Up Your Marketing

Aug 11, 2016

Corporate Travel Gifts from Print CityAlthough the idea of corporate gifts is marvelous itself but using travel accessories as promotional gifts can take your marketing results to the next level.

Corporate gifts have proved themselves an important weapon in your marketing arsenal. Usually corporate gifts are given to loyal customers and potential customers as promotional gifts. The idea behind giving these freebies is to make people remember your brand name unintentionally and this tactic can help businesses in brand development and marketing. PrintCity has been working in this industry for years and we have seen businesses facing various issues while promoting their brands and products in a different geographical location.

One of the major issues is the lack of resources to promote products in distant places. That’s where travel accessories come in handy and make things easier and cheaper for businesses. Although some of the travel accessories could be used in day to day life too yet the majority of them are specifically designed while traveling abroad.

Following are some popular travel accessories that you can use as promotional gifts for your clients and potential customers. Some of them are so affordable that you can hand them out in trade events and exhibitions.

Universal Plug and Charger

Universal plugs and chargers are widely used as promotional gifts because of their usefulness. You won’t understand the importance of these tiny gadgets unless you are in a foreign country with your mobile battery almost zero and you can’t plug in usual charger in the socket. Interestingly, many people lend such things to their friends who are going to travel. That means your name and logo on the product would be seen by thousands of people in its lifetime.

Travel Pouch

Everybody needs travel pouches and based on the quantity, they could be extremely cheap considering their efforts toward brand development and marketing. Also, unlike many other products, travel pouches offer a lot of options and room for marketing; for example, you can choose the size, design and color of the pouch and print your business name, logo and slogan on it.

Power Bank

Although power banks are relatively expensive and small businesses cannot afford handing them out to potential customers in trade events and exhibitions but you can use them as loyalty gift for your employees and long term clients.


Backpack is quite popular among gyms and fitness centers who give it to their new customers. Backpack is one of the most useful items a traveler can have and because of its cost efficiency, businesses can use backpacks as an effective marketing strategy.

Luggage Tag

Luggage tags are mainly used by travelers to mark their luggage but this is not their only purpose. A creatively designed tag with beautiful colors and textures could be used anywhere you want.

Neck Pillow

Frequent travelers know much neck pillows are importance and in longer flights they can make a huge difference in the overall flight experience. Neck pillows usually do not allow much shape variation but you can use colors and brand logo to fulfill your brand development purposes.

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