Top 5 Tips To Help You Select The Trendiest Corporate Gift

Apr 24, 2018

Corporate gift giving is not only a perfect method for attracting or retaining loyal customers and employees but it’s a tactic that can aid the company in realizing more profits. In addition, corporate gift giving has the power of improving the reputation of the organization among its loyal employees and customers.

As a company, it is important to take time when considering what gift is perfect for appreciating your customers and employees. For instance, if you give out a lavish gift, it will come across as showy and when you give out a modest gift, it might look like you are tight-fisted.

Taking the time to navigate these murky waters will ensure that you give your customers and employees the perfect gift.

Here are the top 5 tips to help you select the perfect corporate gift.

 #1. Research! Research! Research!

Before selecting a corporate gift, it’s important to ask yourself this – who is your recipient? As said earlier, selecting the wrong gift will send out the wrong impression which may end up affecting your business relationship. To ensure that the gift has the correct impression when received by the recipient, take your time to research. From your research, you will learn more about the company’s motto and beliefs. Now, use this as a guide.

When it comes to your employees, select corporate gifts that will make them feel that they are an integral component in the organization. In addition, the gift should also help to strengthen their loyalty to the company. Avoid clichés like key holders, caps, glasses and T-shirt. Look for something that will wow them.

#2. Budget

How much are you willing to spend? Setting a budget will help to ensure that you don’t go overboard when purchasing gifts for your employees and customers. For instance, if you are planning to give out branded USB powered coffee mugs or planning to secure seats to a sporting event, take your time to know how much the whole package will cost.

You can always opt to work with a manufacturer or supplier especially when it comes to unique and branded corporate gifts. As a result, the manufacturer will provide an estimate for a single package and the entire shipment. If the estimate is within your budget, well and good. If not, you can always opt for another alternative.

#3. Always avoid awkwardness

So, you are planning to make a business bid for a client. Then you need to know this is not the time for you to give out corporate gifts as a way of coaxing them to give you the contract.

If you do so, it will create an awkward situation and may end up jeopardizing the bidding process. To ensure that you get to win on both sides, wait until the deal has gone through then use a handwritten card to show gratitude for being selected as the best among other bidders.

#4. The gift should reflect your company

As a company, your agenda remains as follows – attracting more customers to your business and increasing your profits. What better way to achieve both objectives than with corporate gifts. By selecting gifts that are in line with the company’s products will go a long way in advertising the business while showcasing your appreciation.

Think about it. You are a tech company or a stationery manufacturer or supplier. If you gift your employees and customers with branded tech or stationery products will help to advertise your company in new markets. For instance, for a stationery supplier or manufacturer, giving out branded business diaries/notepads or pens is a great idea. What you ought to know is that it may not work out for all businesses. For example, banks cannot issue free loan facilities to their customers or employees.

Remember, it’s about gifting something of value.

#5. Consider cultural and religious beliefs

Today, a vast majority of companies have been able to expand their operations in other countries. In the process, they have been able to attract customers from all over the world. Since every customer matters to the business, when selecting corporate gifts, always consider cultural and religious beliefs.

For instance, in China white symbolizes death. If you were to wrap corporate gifts meant for Chinese customers or even employees in white, it will surely send the wrong message.

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