Top 3 factors to consider in Product Packaging design

Apr 11, 2018

Decision making in every business determines their potential to prosper or keep mark-timing and eventually fall. Experts argue that businesses that make great strides in becoming profitable to have something in common; they are outstanding in branding and product package. After all, a company requires a few things like product presentation, and packaging to influence or deny them a sale.

What this means, in essence, is that the way a business brands itself forms a pivotal part of their communication with their customers. Besides, packaging serves to protect the business’ product from avoidable damage, become cost-efficient, and appropriately advertise their brand. With the much stakes that product packaging carries in any business, here is what every business must consider when choosing their packaging design;

Understand what branding means to them – look beyond the label

Just like an image speaks 1000 words, so is branding. The branding any business chooses speaks much about them and the products they offer. Have you ever wondered why most customers prefer certain products at the expense of others? It is because of proper branding that creates loyalty among customers. Customers tend to differentiate a business’s products from the competitors by just looking at the packaging, which also forms part of the packaging. Therefore, any business that wants to go far must make a deliberate decision to brand their package by varying their textures, shapes, colours, fonts, and, also do the right packaging.

The influence packaging has on product performance

Gone are the days when consumers would buy generic products. The current crops of consumers are picky and, therefore, make several considerations of the packaging a product comes in before committing to buying it. For example, if a customer buys company A’s product and gets a bad experience with its packaging, that consumer may forever cease to buy such a product. Therefore, during the business’s packaging design, the designers should look at the packaging design beyond its shelf life; it should offer a long-lasting customer experience.

Sustainability of the packaging and branding materials

Every business can do great branding and packaging of their product to the extent of attracting a considerable following among consumers. But the question is, will the company sustain the packaging and branding of their products. It is essential to understand that customers in most cases view a change in branding or packaging as a change in the product.

Therefore, if a business scales down the quality of their product packaging, most of their previous customers will shun these products as they view them as substandard. It is also important to understand that ecological-friendly packaging provides better financial returns and also help to conserve the environment. Note that it is a common practice world over for governments (the government of Singapore included) to over-tax products that have adverse effects on the environment, and consequently ban their use.

The bottom line is, choose packaging and branding materials that are sustainable and can help you edge your competitors. Every business should strive to ensure their brand gets an excellent sustainability index score by just using packaging materials that discourage destruction of the environment by either recycling or re-using. Remember, a good sustainability index score can form be part of the brand’s marketing tools.

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