How Tissue Marketing & Tissue Printing can help your business

Jul 17, 2016

The origin of tissue pack marketing is unknown but it is very popular in Japan and after seeing the amazing results of this inexpensive marketing tactic, businesses in other countries are adopting the same technique. In Japan, tissue-pack marketing accounts for almost $750 million of sales every year. That’s a big number that you cannot ignore that easy. Businesses all over the globe look for inexpensive marketing methods to advertise their brand, business, products or services. Tissue printing can help you grab a big market share without spending top dollars on it.

Why tissue-pack marketing has gained so much traction?

The reason is quite simple; people need tissues as soon as they leave their homes and offices. Especially, in countries which are near the equator and oceans, like Malaysia and Singapore, you must have tissue pack in your pocket to deal with humidity and sweat. But that’s not the entire reason behind its success; actually tissue printing is relatively cheaper than other forms of offline advertisements. So, with cost efficient and highly effective solutions, businesses can make a huge difference.

Now here comes the interesting part; compare tissue printing and marketing with other relatively cheaper marketing methods like flyer advertisement. Actually they are quite similar; you have to hand out them manually. But the receiver has no use of flyer. If he is highly interested in your business, brand, product or whatever you are advertising then he might keep that in his pocket and use it later. However, in most of the cases people don’t keep flyers but instead they read them and throw them away.

In case of tissue, they cannot possibly throw away a valuable thing. That means the advertisement printed on tissue has longer life span and more importantly has more chances of being read. Additionally, even if a person doesn’t need the tissue pack, he can easily give it to someone else like friend or colleague. So, your resources are not getting wasted.

In Japan, tissue packs are usually handed out to people outside of subway because of the continuous flow of people. Also, companies there have conducted many researches on it and the results are quite promising. Tissue packs have more than 75% acceptance rate that is significantly higher than any other offline marketing tactic.

Also, people have to look at your ad while using the tissue; that means you advertisement meets its end goal more often. As people accept tissue packs happily, it’s a win-win for both parties; you are conveying your message to the target audience and in return people are getting something valuable.

There are many other reasons why tissue printing and tissue-pack marketing could be a game changer for you. For example, it’s easy to produce; thousands of tissue packs could be produced in matters of weeks if not days. With a significantly higher exposure rate, your message would be conveyed to a lot of people in dramatically shorter time span.

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