Tissue advertising to increase impressions

Jan 10, 2018

Marketing these days have become about providing value to the consumer and then asking them to purchase something. This is why content creation has become the most important portion of marketing. Most companies are now providing information about their product or service on websites or social media and compelling them to make a purchase. What is a better way to provide your customers’ value than to provide them something we always need?

Long-term use

Tissues have a much higher chance of being kept longer as compared to flyers or brochures. Most people dispose of a flyer at the earliest chance when presented with one. However, tissues are kept longer because they are functional. This eliminates the amount of wastage in your marketing effort. Any time they must use a tissue, they will be presented with information about your brand. Moreover, Singaporeans love tissues because they can use it to “Chope” seats at eating establishments.

Higher impressions

A typical packet of tissue paper consists of about 10 pieces of tissues. This means that you get 10 impressions for every tissue packet. This is much higher then flyers of brochures. Flyers are viewed once per person or not at all. By this measure, tissue advertising is 10 times better than flyers or brochures.


Tissue advertising can be creative as well. Placing a “Chope” logo on the tissues is one way to attract people to the tissues. Tissues can also be used to print coupons to be given to consumers. Tracking is also possible with tissue advertising. Place a unique URL on the tissue packet and track the number of visitors that come in through that websites. You could also place a unique hashtag and track it on social media to see if people are engaging with you.

Tissue advertising is a great OOH advertising medium. Contact us today to purchase your tissue advertising today or visit our e-commerce page to place an order!

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