Tissue Pack Ads Becoming Popular In Japan and Singapore

Aug 18, 2016

use tissue ads for mass public awareness campaigns

Do you know in Japan, more than 4 billion tissue packs are handed out in streets for advertisement? This unique method of advertisement started in 1960s in Japan when a man named Hiroshi started using tissue packs for advertisement. Interestingly, before tissue packs, the most efficient and effective method of advertising was customized match boxes. Hiroshi discovered that match boxes and pocket size tissue packs cost the same but tissue packs have much larger audience as no everyone use match box.

Tissue pack advertisement gives businesses a golden opportunity to reach out to their target audience in a creative and cost efficient way. These tissue packs highlights the brands printed on them and Japanese businesses have found an amazing way to maximize their exposure and ROI. They give out tissue packs outside of subway stations and airports; both are highly dense places and when people travel from one place to another, they also carry those customized tissue packs.

This unique method of advertisement has proved itself highly effective and reliable for last couple of years and now it is being adopted all over the globe. Printing services are offering businesses to customize their tissue packs and reach out to their prospective clients. Let’s see some advantages that are exclusively associated with tissue pack advertisement.

  • Cost efficiency is its biggest advantage; it is a suitable advertising method that can help businesses in marketing and brand recognition. Some industry experts consider tissue ads as portable billboard that are easily moveable and come with significantly smaller price tag.
  • Of course traditional methods of advertising like brochures and booklets are still effective but in countries like Singapore and Malaysia, which are global hub for businesses, people are getting bored with these old methods because everyone is doing the same. On the other hand, tissue ads are just emerging in Singapore and you can exploit this in your favor.
  • Unlike other giveaways like booklets, leaflets and brochures, people do not throw away tissue packs even if they have more than one. They give away extra packs to their friends and colleagues that mean you are reaching out to more people than you expected.
  • Although this is true for every place, but especially in countries like Malaysia and Singapore where the climate remains humid throughout the year, people need to deal with sweat all the time. That means you “ads” disguised as a tissue pack would be exposed 6-10 times a day. No other advertising method delivers this kind of efficacy.

Let’s compare tissue advertisement with other cheap methods like handing out flyers. In many ways both of these methods are similar; for example, both are cheap and businesses have to manually hand out both of them to their target audience. Unlike tissues, the flyers are useless for people that mean a significantly smaller percentage of people would keep flyers in their pocket. Businesses can increase their brand awareness quickly with customized tissue packs.

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