Tips for Designing High-Impact Magazines

Oct 7, 2016

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Doing an online business campaign for your business can help you reach out to the target audience, but does not negate the fact that magazines are still useful in promoting your brand. Many print companies specialize in providing not only name card printing services but also magazine and booklet printing services.

To get the most results from the magazine, you need to design it like a professional. Here are some gold worthy tips on how to create high impact magazines for your business.

Add a Drop of Boldness in the Cover Design

It does not make sense to spend hours perfecting the inside pages of your business magazines if the target audience cannot pick up a copy and take a look. A bold and attention-grabbing cover will help lure readers to take a look at your magazine and delve of deeper into the publication. That, however, does not mean that you should use a rainbow spectrum of color and an over-packed layout. On the contrary, you should choose a balanced layout and design that can accommodate strong headers and subheadings.

Use Color Sparingly

It is recommended to choose a magazine design that uses color sparingly. Research shows that a simple pop of bold color delivers more results than a pallet of rainbow colors. A blend of expert black-and-white photography, monochrome text, and a single bold color works best for technology and men’s magazines.

Perfect the Contents Page

The contents page is the first thing that readers see when they start reading the magazine. Ideally, this page should be fully functional to make it easy for the user to identify the various sections and articles in the magazine. It is also a perfect place to showcase your inner style and creativity. If your magazine has a large amount of content, you should not restrict your contents to just one page. Feel free to use two pages to get enough room to introduce enticing images and headers. The page grid layout works best for this page, but it does not have to dull and restrictive.

Finally, illustrated graphics are very useful in making magazines stand out from the crowd. To give your business an upper hand, use on-trend graphics. These graphics are easy to create and will give your magazine a professional look. Super stylish illustrative covers are also ideal for tech, design, and art titles. Once the design is ready, contract one of the reputable printing companies to print it. You can order the magazines alongside other materials such as print postcards and flyers to qualify for discounts.



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