The Use of Pop Up Display Systems in Events

Oct 5, 2015

Portable pop-up advertising displays are changing the dynamics of corporate events and trade shows. There is nothing else like them on the market for visibility of the company identity, which is the single item that determines the success or failure of your company. Building the identity of your company results in greater success, spelled out in sales and new clients. The portable promotionals of today are increasingly more effective in getting your brand, logo, or message in the public eye and keeping it there. These infographics are an excellent way to connect with potential customers and clients. Their appeal is that people can make a connection without fully committing or engaging with sales people from your company who may be in a booth or behind a counter.

Event booths are wonderful for your company to use to make their presence active in the corporate community. They have their limitations though, like each type of promotional material does. The pop-up display can do what the business card, flyer, and poster cannot do. It is another tool in the toolbelt when promoting.

The real benefit of the pop-up display is that it can catch the eye from a distance and draw a person in to your identity without them having to make contact with a sales person. People passing by can glean one or two small pieces of information from the display. Sometimes, that can be enough to draw them further in to ask a few questions, take a flyer, read a poster that has even more information on it, and sometimes, make a purchase. Even if they learn nothing from looking at the pop-up, your identity is etched in their mind. Ideally, this is the case when the display has been professionally designed.

The pop-up display has virtually unlimited design potential. It can be lit up, or even crafted into almost any shape. Pop-ups are cost effective and durable, insuring they will be usable for a long time to come. Pop Ups displays in Singapore are available in table-top versions, stand-up versions, and full sized. They set up in a matter of a few minutes and make a big impression on passers-by as they are generally quite colorful and customized for your company. Displays are fitted with energy efficient LED lights so that the display will not burn during an event. The attractive element of pop-up displays are the reason they are extremely popular at corporate shows. They do the job they are designed to do, namely, grab the attention of people walking past, and draw them in.

A well made pop-up display is a great investment for your company. It is almost like having another employee on the pay roll. Being portable makes it convenient to transplant them from one location to another within the event, even in different parts of the event, particularly the table-top display units. These can be moved throughout an event in only a moments notice.

As promotional designs improve with technology, it would be considered a wise investment on the part of a company to flow with technological advances and take advantage of the benefit they offer, which can and, more often than not, does result in more sales.


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