The Use Of Pop Up Display System in Singapore

Oct 5, 2015

The pop up display system is fairly new in the promotional arena and brings a lot to the advertising table. Brightly lit, dynamically colorful, able to be crafted into unique shapes and designs to fit your corporate brand or logo, the pop up is like nothing else out there.

If your company promotes business by attending trade or business shows, the pop up display is like having another tool in your toolbelt for advertising. It is better than a business card or a flyer. The unique benefit of the pop up display is that prospective clients who are passing by are offered some information without even knowing that it is being filed away in their memory.  Even if they don’t read a word from your poster, or step in to your booth to engage, they have, just by glancing your way, committed themselves to your brand identity because they have looked.

Imagine you are at a trade show and are walking down the aisles. For reasons unknown, you do not engage with any individual display by means of walking into any of the booths to ask questions or to accumulate information. Perhaps you are in a hurry, or you feel awkward speaking with sales people who you know will try to persuade you to buy. As you walk up and down the aisle, you see all types of booths, posters, and tabletop displays. Some of them are dull and seem as though they had not much thought put into them. Others are dynamic, with vibrant color and shape. A Pop Up Display will simply work to capture your attention.

While not aware that this is happening, you are being exposed to a multitude of company identities. You see from far off a large blow -up bottle of coke a cola, with its signature red and white color scheme and the name written across the label. It is at least fifty feet away, but it has caught your eye. Along the aisles are stand up posters with logos on them. On tabletops are colorfully crafted designs with brand names, images of products, short messages, and friendly, concise invitations to try.

You have just then been inoculated with a heavy dose of advertising, without coming into contact with one sales person. You feel refreshed inside thinking about the coke you will stop and pick up at a corner store after the show. You feel a bit rebellious after walking past the NASCAR display with a simulation trial. You almost engaged with that particular display, although you resisted the temptation you walked away with a definite stride in your step. The 8-foot popcorn display made your mouth water, and as you walked past it you could almost smell the butter as you thought about the next time you would take your wife and kids to the movies.

The display industry understands one thing and they know it quite well- words are the least effective method of conveying a message. A good salesman is prepared for the trade show with the best that technology has to offer, knowing he does not have to do the work that was involved even twenty years ago. The work has changed. It involves making available to you the sights and sounds that introduce you to, and keep you connected with their brand. Once he is able to do that, sales will follow.

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