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Sep 10, 2016

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The majority of business owners assume that they need a huge marketing budget to advertise their brand and to increase their brand awareness. It might be true in some cases however there are smarter ways to spend less and get maximum benefits from that. T-shirt marketing is a cost efficient way to get things done. Although it is not the latest marketing tactic, yet because of the technological advancements, now you can customize them according to your needs and still get them under the budget.

On the other hand, customizing, printing and distributing T-shirts to your customers, employees and prospective employees in events like trade shows and exhibitions might seem cliché but actually this technique works every time. That’s why it is quite popular among small businesses. However, there are many things they must consider while doing that.

  • The idea of T-shirt might be old but you can still adopt newer and fresh ideas for designing and printing. The message should be short and catchy; that’s the only way to get people’s attention with a single glance.
  • You must find a way to distribute the shirts to your target audience. The best way to do that is by participating in trade shows. Your competitors would be there but so would your target audience.
  • Although the message on your T-shirts should be concise, yet there are many ways to incorporate the brand image in the T-shirt design. For example, you can use relevant colors, logo and slogan.
  • Always prefer quality over the quantity. This is not only true in case of using T-shirts as promotional gift but also for other items. For example, if your T-shirts have been made with low quality fabric then people would not wear it; even though they got it for free. On the contrary, it would be easier for them to just throw the T-shirt away because of its low quality.

You might be wondering how T-shirts became popular as promotional items. Let’s see some traits exclusively associated with T-shirts that make them a popular choice for businesses.


You can customize T-shirts in virtually unlimited ways. There is no restriction on designs, colors and the text message. Especially in trade shows and similar events, it would be a good idea to give your employees identical T-shirts to wear so people can distinguish employees from rest of the people. You can use T-shirts with different designs to give as free gift to potential clients.

No Boundaries

No doubt some people would travel to other cities and countries while wearing your T-shirts. That means you would get free advertisement via those people. Even if the size of a T-shirt is not suitable for someone, he/she can easily give that to a friend or colleague.

Cost Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, cost efficiency is the biggest advantage of T-shirts. You can customize and print hundreds of them with short notice and distribution of T-shirts is way easier as compared to other business gifts because people see the value of a T-shirt and they last long.

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