The effectiveness of Brochures

Dec 18, 2017

Contrary to popular believe, printed marketing methods are not going anywhere. Print marketing has been around for the longest of time and been through many changes in the advertising climate. From the introduction of the internet to the beginning of social media, print marketing has stood the test of time. Brochures are a marketing tool that will always be necessary for businesses. They serve as a portfolio for businesses and become presentation materials for clients to have.


When you go for a sales pitch or presentation with a potential client, besides having a PowerPoint presentation, you will always have some sort of brochure or folder to hold the attention of the audience. Brochures are highly interactive pieces of presentation material because it gives the client all the information that they need in a small compact sized booklet. They can then pass it on to key decision makers in the organisation after the pitch is over. Brochures enable these potential clients to become presenters of your brand.


If you are doing digital marketing targeted on smartphones, your image size is going to be rather small. A typical 6-inch phone can only show so much detail. With brochures, you have more real estate to put information and images that you like. This gives the brochure a more premium feel as compared to viewing it on a phone. Moreover, brochures are versatile as well. You could use the softcopy of the brochure and upload it as a picture on Instagram or use it in articles that you post on social media.


Brochures are not expensive things to make. If you order your brochures in bulk, you can get further discounts as well. Since brochures are evergreen pieces of content about your business that typically does not change often, you can keep it for a long time. Unless your brochure is dated or campaign specific, you should be able to reuse the brochure for months or even years.

Brochures are great marketing materials with many benefits as long as they are designed right and contains the right information. Be sure to design your brochures with your presentation and your customer in mind. The information in a brochure should always compel the audience to make a purchase or find out more about your brand. Contact us today to get your brochures printed or if you already have your artwork prepared, you can order it now at our online store.

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