How T-shirt printing can boost your business

Dec 19, 2017

Putting your brand’s name on a t-shirt might seem like the most cliché thing to do. However, the sooner you start to realise that we are living in a brand conscious country, the sooner you can start using this as a marketing tool. Singapore is a small country with almost 8000 people per square km. This makes impressions much higher then they would be in countries that are more spacious. If you can get 500 people to wear your t-shirt, you start to create a culture.

On a marketing level

The idea of marketing is to get as many people as possible to know about your brand. The way marketers do this is to put their brand name in as many places as possible, such as posters, wall stickers and cars. Digital marketers create content that the customer will value and place the brand name on it so that it can be pushed out to potential customers. The idea is to get as much reach as possible whilst spending the least amount of money. T-shirts are a low-cost method to achieve this goal.

Creating a culture

If you do decide to create a t-shirt for your company, it should represent something more then just your brand. Your customers need to identify with the shirt before they would even consider wearing it. Other then the obvious design aspect, the reason people buy brand name clothes is that they want to identify with that brand. “Supreme” is a brand that has managed to do this excellently. Their shirt, although of high quality, often only contain their brand name and nothing else. This might be because people identify with what the brand is doing, or they identify with the people wearing the shirts

Influencer marketing

T-shirts are great to use for influencer marketing. Before you decide to spend exorbitant amounts of money on someone who has the highest number of followers in Singapore, it is a smart idea to define your audience first. Create a fake profile, name it “Johnny”. Define what Johnny likes, his interest, the food that he eats, the movies he watches, the things he does in his free time, etc. Get this as defined as possible. Leave nothing out. Once you have created Johnny, see who he might be following on Social media, especially Instagram. Once you have this, you can collaborate with these influencers to promote your shirt.

Brands like Supreme and Beats have had excellent success using this strategy. When people see that their idols like Kanye West or Jay-Z use a brand, they will be more inclined to purchase them too. People follow other people on social media because they admire the lifestyle that they lead, and they want that too.

Case study

This strategy has been done for a business as well. In the case of Single Grain, they gave out their shirts for free. The idea behind their marketing concept was that as more people wore their shirts, more people were inclined to find out about what the brand is about. When you have people that invest the time to find out more about your brand, they are essentially convincing themselves to make a purchase from your brand. This company managed to generate almost $1 million in revenue by giving out free shirts. Giving out free things has always been a problem for Singaporean companies because they do not believe in spending money for no potential returns. However, this brand can show you that giving out free things might be a strategy to use.

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