How To Start A Company And Promote It Via Printing And Gifting

Aug 5, 2016

promoting brand image is important for singapore startups

People get ideas all the time but it’s the execution of that idea that matters the most. Also, not every brilliant idea could be converted into a million dollar business but a simple idea could be the foundation of a successful product, service or brand. Transforming the vision into reality takes time and efforts; let’s see how you can develop your startup idea into a successful business.

Assess the Startup Idea

As mentioned above, not every idea could be transformed into successful business so you need to analyze everything you know about that thoroughly. In other words, you need to develop a business idea from a vision. Businesses deal with real people and that’s why adding ground realities into the equation as early as possible is important. Also, some people get multiple startup ideas and start working on them simultaneously. That’s an inefficient and ineffective approach as you would be wasting your efforts while not focusing on important things.

Market Research

Ideas that do not cater to a target audience are useless and you shouldn’t waste your time on them. A unique idea might seem brilliant to you but without validating it from your friends, family and colleagues you can’t be sure whether it is worth spending time, efforts and money on it. You must find a market before setting the foundation of your business. You must know how your idea can make things easier for people and why someone would want to use your products or services.


Do you think YouTube was a million dollar idea when it started? Do you think Mark Zuckerberg was the first person to get an idea of a social media? No, it’s the execution that matters. Industries evolve and so does people; businesses which don’t evolve accordingly, eventually fail and create space for new comers. You should release a prototype or beta version to analyze the potential of your idea and to get people’s feedback.

Competitor Research

Based on your idea, you might or might not have direct competitors in the market. However, if someone is already the same thing you want to do, it doesn’t mean you cannot do it better. Analyze your competitors, what they do, how they do and what they are not doing the right way and you can do it better. However do not set your competitors as a standard.

Social Platforms (Online/Offline)

Being social is essential for every business because that’s how you can increase your brand awareness, meet new people, find new markets, reach out to your target audience and get more ideas.

Printing And Gifting

Smart businesses not only focus on online social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others but they also participate in business social events like expos, trade shows and exhibitions to meet people face to face. Such events provide lots of brand development opportunities; for example, companies print brochures, hand out flyers and leaflets as well as distribute customised promotional gifts in such events.

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