How Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Can Leverage Printing for Large Impact

Jul 5, 2016


As quality and speeds improve and costs decline on many printing services in Singapore, small- and mid-sized companies are looking at ways to leverage print in new ways. Whether it is to improve productivity, reduce administrative costs or enhance product attributes, small- and mid-sized businesses are looking to print technologies and printing companies to help them improve their bottom line.

Ways Printing Companies Can Deliver Value for Small- and Mid-Sized Businesses

There are numerous printing products and services that are well-known to business owners and managers. From marketing collateral design and printing to posters and banners and copy and binding services, the local print company is easily recognizable to small- and mid- sized business people.

To compete and excel, however, many businesses have looked at other traditional and emerging products and services available from printing firms. Some of the services being delivered to help companies drive results and enhance revenue include:

Managed Print Services

Where in the past mostly large companies would consider outsourcing all or part of their internal printing and copying functions, now those types of services are available for the medium and small business as well. Print companies that deliver managed services can provide support for a variety of printing and related functions including:

  • Handling copying, binding and more complex printing jobs
  • Providing in-house design support
  • Managing a copy center/mailroom operation
  • Maintaining and managing company printers, copiers and multi-function units

The most important fact is that through the use of managed printing services, many small- and mid-sized companies can save money. In a march 2015 article, Can Managed Print Services Save You Money? author Kym Gilhooly notes that, “By outsourcing some or all print management functions to a service provider, businesses can save as much as 30 percent annually…”

3D Printing for R&D and Manufacturing Applications

3D printing after many years of slow development is now beginning to see increased customer interest, driven by improving print speeds and lower production costs. Large and small businesses are finding new opportunities to tap into this technology.

Similar to the larger companies, smaller firms are now adopting 3D printing into their long-term business plans to enhance products and to speed up development time. Below are a few examples of how these businesses are using this emerging technology:

  • R&D and Prototyping – With the development of smaller and faster 3D technologies, business are able to create high-quality 3D prototypes in small-office settings or even in a home office.
  • Prototype to Manufacturing – Taking 3D to the next level, businesses are able to now avoid steps and save time-to-market by moving directly from the development phase to production.
  • Customised Designs – Utilizing 3D provides businesses with the tools to enhance both the utility and appeal of their products.

Small- and Mid-Sized Companies Deserve the Best

Since most business that exist are small- and mid-sized, we at Print City do our best to make sure that every client is treated like big business—because they are to us. Our print consultants and staff deliver the right service for every client, based on a thorough assessment of their needs and desired outcomes.

At Print City we provide end-to-end printing, marketing and design capabilities that include:

  • Standard and specialized printing and document services
  • Printing for mailers, flyers, books and newsletters
  • Print and coordination support with exhibitions and conferences
  • Backdrops, tissue printing and booth design
  • Displays and sinages 

Print City is a division of MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd. Together, we are able to offer clients seamlessly integrated printing, marketing and technology solutions to create the impact and value you want.

Print and design consultants are available during regular business hours by calling our Hotline or via web chat. After hours? No problem! Leave us a voice message or email message and we will respond to your inquiry next business day.

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