Make Your Trade Show Participation A Success With Pull-Up Banners

Sep 11, 2016

Get Pull-Up Banners Singapore

Businesses who already have attended trade shows and other similar events know how hard it is to get people’s attention when most of your competitors are there. The only way to make a meaningful impact on your target audience is by standing out from the crowd. Let’s dive a little deeper and find the best way to participate in a trade show, stand out and make it a success.

Your Booth Matters a Lot

Of course the people attending trade shows are your target audience and they are there to explore. However, they have to explore a lot in short time period. They don’t want to spend too much time on a single booth just to discover what that specific booth is offering. That means your message should be concise, clear and concrete so an average person can read and understand it in less than 3 seconds.

That’s where good printing services come in handy; there are many printing service companies in Singapore that can help you come up with pull-up banners and other similar commercial printed material. Interestingly, the pull up banners, posters or stage backdrops you print for your trade show appearance must have your main message as the tagline while your brand name should be the secondary heading.

Use Innovations

Many businesses use digital graphics to attract people toward their booth. Unfortunately, it is not only expensive to come by but also you need some technical knowledge to set this up. However, you can use other things like QR codes to stand out from the crowd and to help your target audience maintain connectivity with your brand. With the help of QR code, people would be able to simply scan it and save everything on their phone automatically.

Using appropriate lighting in your booth is necessary; depending on the location of your booth, products, brand image and many other things, you should use the lighting strategically to help people focus on the main area.

Use Visuals Like Pull-Up Banners Wisely

Images could be your friends if used the right way and could ruin everything if you overuse them. All you should use is your logo and the key visual aspects of your business. It is also recommended to use other visual elements besides images to attract people. For example, we saw a local business partnered with a local zoo and bring two penguins in the event. Not to mention, everyone was around their booth and they were conveniently handing them out promotional gifts, flyers and booklets.

You could use pull-up banners as these are easy to produce, display, deploy at strategic places around the exhibition venue.

Of course it is not possible for everyone to pull a stunt like that but you get the idea. If you have an official mascot, make sure you bring it in the trade show. Most of the time people forget that, so ask all of your employees to bring their business cards with them. People might ask for your phone number, email address or official website; in that case, handing them your business card would be great.

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