Pros and Cons of Printed Brochures vs. Online Brochures

Sep 8, 2016

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In this current digital world, many businesses opt for online marketing material like online brochures which are also known as e-brochure instead of printing brochures in Singapore. Interestingly, both approaches have their own pros and cons that should be considered before deciding anything.

Pros and Cons of Online Brochures

Online brochures are getting traction for quite some time. With more than 3 billion mobile devices in the world, it seems reasonable to present contents where people want to see them. Following are some pros and cons of online brochures.

  • Cost efficiency is one of the biggest advantages of online brochures. Unlike traditional printing, online designing and “printing” needs very little resources like time, efforts and people working on them. Not only the printing costs reduce significantly but also businesses don’t have to spend a large sum on brochure delivery.
  • Online brochure and other online materials are not bound by geographical boundaries. You can send your online brochure to anyone living thousands of miles away in few seconds.
  • Online brochures help businesses in the decision making process by allowing them to browse through tons of templates. It is much time efficient to select a premade template than creating one from the scratch. Templates also reduce the designing costs.
  • With online brochures, you get more choices; you can choose the company you like, choose the template you like and modify the template according to your preferences.

Of course there are some disadvantages of online brochures that balance out the advantages.

  • If you are using a premade template with little or no modification, chances are your competitors might use the same template that would reduce the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Although templates are modifiable but they also have some limitations from design aspect. If you want a highly customizable and personalized design, then premade templates are not for you.
  • One aspect of the printed brochure is to hand them out manually to your target audience. This face to face interaction with customers helps businesses establish strong connections with their audience.
  • Online brochures are not tangible and they couldn’t possibly remind people of the physical business you have. A well designed, printed brochure sitting on their table reminds them constantly about your brand.

Few Things You Should Consider While Printing Brochure

Your target audience matters a lot. And this is also a key factor in deciding whether you should opt for a printed brochure or an e-brochure. Despite the advantages of e-brochures, do you thing the digital format would be enough to get your target audience interested in your brand?

The type of your business is also an influential factor; for example, if the majority of your target audience and sales volume come from the website or social media then digital brochure can come in handy because the call-to-action would be clearer and straightforward as well as easy to be followed. Similarly, if would be easier for you to track the performance of your e-brochure that is not possible in the case of a printed one.

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