Promotional Bags Available to Boost Your Brand Needs

Aug 10, 2016

Promotional bags printed only at Print City

Promotional items and corporate gifts have revolutionized the cost efficient marketing strategies. These bags have a longer life span and are attractive too.

Corporate gifts and promotional items like customized bags have direct effects on the sales revenue as well as on brand recognition. Promotional bags help businesses spread their message with cost efficiency and because of the long life span on these bags they are extremely effective in the long run. Interestingly, big organizations as well as small businesses can take advantage of this marketing strategy to market their products, services and even the brand itself.

Let’s see why promotional bags have become so popular in the corporate culture and what attributes they have.

Cost Efficiency

Promotional bags come in different sizes, shapes and qualities; based on your marketing goals and budget you can choose whatever size or shape you like. These bags are extremely cost efficient and more importantly you can have full control over the expenses. For example, you can spend more money on higher quality and design or you can choose standard size, shape, design and material to carry your marketing campaign.


One of the biggest advantages of promotional bags is their reusability; people are not going to use it once and throw it away but based on its quality and how people use it, a bag could have several weeks life span that is enough to cover the initial investment and obtain the profit of marketing to hundreds of people. And all of that would be free marketing and advertising as the person in possession of the bag would carry it here and there, while other people would see your ad on the bag.

Fast Turnaround

Unlike billboards, TV commercial and many other marketing media, promotional bags are time efficient as you can order thousands of them with customized designed and get them in just few days. This type of dramatically fast turnaround makes promotional bags a suitable choice for events and trade exhibition. A customized bag gives a long lasting impression to the audience and if you are selling tangible products then you are going to use a packaging material anyway.

Brand Development

The use of promotional bags, any corporate gift and marketing material help you in brand development, brand awareness and marketing. However, bags do it more effectively. Designing the promotional bags according to the brand identity and company’s culture is important to send the right message to the right audience. Regardless of what information you want to put there two things are important and must have strategic positions on the bags; your business name and logo.

Be Creative

That’s where printing services of PrintCity excel as we have years of experience in this industry. Millions of businesses all over the globe are using this marketing strategy because of its effectiveness and efficiency. In order to stand out from the crowd you need to be creative with your promotional bag design. Always use the colors and fonts you use on other marketing material so people can associate that bag with your brand.

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