Pro Tips for Preparing Art Work for Corporate T-Shirt Printing 2016

Aug 7, 2016

tee shirt designs for school and corporate


T-Shirt branding is becoming quite popular with companies across the world, and Singapore is picking up the trend. This trend has created an avenue for many professional and upcoming designers to get into the business. Preparing designs for t-shirt printing is different from paper. Compiled below are tips to follow when designing artwork for t-shirt printing Singapore.

Choose your color scheme and mode carefully when designing your t-shirt

Choosing the color scheme, mode of the design, and the right t-shirt will help you avoid last-minute hitches when detailing and printing your t-shirt artwork. Recommended for easier color separation in silkscreen printing is the use PMS color mode over the RGB and CMYK color modes.

Design the artwork in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator uses vector graphics instead of the grid pixels employed when you print, .JPG/.BMP/.GIF images. Always start your artwork from scratch with 300 pixels per inch allowing for resizing without distorting the design print quality. Using 300 pixels per inch also make it possible for one to use a design from card printing to billboards. Using applications like Photoshop will leave you with the original specific dimensions without freedom to resize the design. If your artwork has been hand drawn and you need to digitize them, make sure that you scan the artwork at the right resolution.

Convert all your texts to outlines

The last thing you want is getting a different font after printing from what you had designed. Convert the text into outlines, and any computer will read the text as an image, allowing for the exact printing of the artwork.

Create the artwork in actual size

The dimensions you have in mind might be different from that of your printer. As you start the designing process, make sure that the size matches with the final print on the t-shirt for quality work.

Halftones will save you on the number of colors printed. Incorporate halftones in your designs rather than the printer doing it for you. As a designer with unlimited color options at hand, calibrate your halftones to suit your budget and desired color scheme.

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