5 ways to design the best posters

Feb 12, 2018

Even though poster marketing is considered traditional, it’s a tried and tested method. In addition, it comes with plenty of benefits including providing a logical and cost-effective way to communicate to a particular market.

However, successful poster marketing depends on an array of factors, each playing a significant role in achieving a specific result.

In the article below, we look at the top five tips for designing a converting marketing poster.

Resonate with your Potential audience

When you set to develop a poster marketing campaign, consider what your potential market is, what they want or need, what they feel, what motivates them, what you can offer them and where you can reach them.

A well-placed poster can yield huge returns on your investment while a poorly-placed poster is just a waste of your resources.

When designing a poster, you should also be aware of what you want from your audience.

Even though public posters are viewed by many, you should try to achieve a personalized experience with each.

Always remember that the essence of a marketing poster is to prompt the potential clients into making purchases by visiting a store or website and you should, therefore, be compelling, create an evocative message enough to drive that.

Appeal your audience

When it comes to designing your poster, many marketers think that the most effective strategy is to build a design for everyone, since anybody can see your poster. However, what they fail to realize is that they’re not offering products for everybody.

When designing a poster, you should create a poster for an audience that is most likely to be interested in your product and place you in a better position to have the greatest impact on a poster.

To create an appealing poster, you need to first identify your audience and dig up some of their relevant data such as demographics. For instance, consider age and sex and see whether it resonates or rather appeals to your group of interest.

Design strategies

Once you’re aware of your primary audience, you can start to consider various ways to target them using the poster techniques. The poster techniques can take shape in various forms, but the colour is one of the most important technique to consider.

Using the right colours at the right time and place can create a huge difference when it comes to product conversion.

Knowledge of your primary audience is vital as people react to colours in different ways. Even though colour psychology is overly complicated, here are a few examples.

Studies indicate that men are inclined to colours like black, blue and green, and have a dislike for feminine colours such as purple or red.

The colour blue is a popular option for many companies, not only it’s popular with both sexes, but also conveys a message of calmness and trust.

Beyond colour, other poster techniques that should be considered include graphics, layout, and images.

Merge Posters with Digital Marketing

Tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple and Google are capitalizing on AR. Similarly, we’ve seen AR’s potential as a marketing tool in the gaming and entertainment domain.

For retail and marketing, AR can bring your traditional media, and in our case posters to virtual experience and a wealth of online experiences.

With just the scan of your poster, potential clients can have access to more information regarding your product such as reviews, coupons, and instructions.

Incorporate QR Codes

Like AR, incorporating quick response codes to your posters offers the potential to enhance and spice your poster in all sorts of cool ways.

The QR codes are excellent at bringing mobile phone users to your website or store. The QR code on a poster allows individual to place more information regarding their products, which can be viewed on a smartphone.


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