Positive Impact of 3D Printing on Architecture

Dec 16, 2016

printing-services-by-print-city-singaporeTechnological advancements have brought positive change in every aspect of our lives. 3D printing is one of the advancements. It involves laying down many thin layers of material to make a three-dimensional physical object. Its adaptation by Singapore printing companies has changed the architecture design industry.

Below are some of the positive impacts 3D printing has in the world of architecture.

Allows For Freedom of Design

3D printing mimics the designs on the screen and creates them in real time. This will give the architects more freedom concerning the designs of buildings in the future. A Singapore printing company with a 3D printer can efficiently complete complex designs like double-curved surfaces, which take so much time and effort by hand.

Quick Pitch Designs

3D printing can quickly make building models in less time than it takes for traditional means. This could save the architect precious time and he/she can make a presentation a shortly after finishing the design process of a building. With the time saved, the architect can now work on a different concept of the building model.

Time Saving

Time is of the essence when it comes to designing and making of a building model. With a 3D printer, the architect simply feeds the model design in the printer through a computer and goes ahead to other assignments as the printer completes the making of the model. It will also save the architect the time required to explain the model compared to using a 3D image on a computer screen.

Study Tool

3D printing is gaining more traction, and architects are using it as a tool for studying. Exploring the concepts of shape and design is easy. It also easily transforms digital model drawing and sketches into real models for research.

Freedom of Materials

3D printers in the present age can print models of different sizes using different materials. This gives the architect the freedom to use different and innovative materials for building construction. 3D printers in various parts of the world have printed buildings out of concrete, clay, steel and many other materials.

As of 2016, various companies using 3D in Singapore, China, Italy, and the Netherlands have accomplished great strides in the building industry. With building a villa in less than one month, 3D printing will only get bigger. The machines do not come cheap and you can hire one from one of the reputable Singapore printing companies.

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