What is POS displays and why you should have them

Dec 12, 2017

A point-of-sale (POS) or point-of-purchase (POP) display is any form of display that is near to the checkout area. These are usually found in retail stores, supermarkets, events and any place that sells things. POS display systems are used as a last-minute reminder for customers to make a purchase they didn’t even know they needed. Even if they spend a dollar or 2 at the POS display, the amount adds up and provides great ROI.

Why use POS

POS displays are great because they give customers something to keep their attention on in long queues and some stores use POS displays as queue systems of their own. Either way, if you have ever been to a store that has a POS display, you will notice that there are more then one brand and all the POS systems look alike. Arguably, the POS display area has the most competition because that it the last place to entice customers to purchase their products considering about 68% of customer purchases in a store are impulse purchases. Stores love it because it keeps waiting customer occupied. Customers love it because they make purchases they didn’t know they needed.

How to display your POS display

Size and colours

POS displays must be bold enough not just not just to be eye-catching but to be attention demanding. Most POS displays have the same shape. Brands shouldn’t be too afraid to try different shapes and sizes. The more it stands out from the competition, the higher the chances to attract the customer to make a purchase. Colour selection is also a very important portion of POS displays. A nice bright mixture of colours can help to attract attention. Some colours affect mood as well. Ever wondered why the McDonalds colours are red and yellow? It makes people hungry


POS displays can be interactive as well, with QR codes leading to more discounts, touch screens with mini-games. You can even make a video and put it on the display. Stores will love it because it will keep the attention of the customers who are stuck in queues longer

Ready to make your own?

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