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Aug 9, 2016

Make stationery your brand ambassadors with Print City

Stationery is one of the popular corporate gifts that businesses all over the globe use for  brand development and marketing. Let’s see how you can do that.

Stationery is a common item in corporate culture and businesses use customized letterheads, envelops and other documents for brand development and marketing. On the other hand, stationery gifts have become a popular corporate choice for last couple of years even though the majority of business operations rely on digital media. The term “stationery” is broad and it covers many things; PrintCity offers custom designing and printing services for stationery so you can get your desired items at reasonable prices.

Not only big organizations but small businesses and startups should also put efforts and resources on stationery designs and printing to make long lasting positive impact on the target audience. Regardless of what stationery items you want to use as corporate gift for your clients, they must have following information on them because they all server a common purpose – branding and marketing.

It Must Have Your Logo

That’s no brainer; you cannot possibly expect a corporate gift to increase brand awareness without showing your logo. Also, make sure the logo is at the most important place. Regardless of the size of item, you shouldn’t include details about your company, products or services. A corporate gift is not a brochure, flyer or any other advertising channel but instead it’s a useful gift with secondary purpose of brand developing.

It Must Show Brand Identity

Every corporate gift must represent your brand and it must look part of the businesses instead of a foreign object. Brand identity could be defined as a combination of colors, shape, texture, fonts, logo, slogan and many other things as well as values that define your company. For example, Apple’s products are known for their sleek design and simplicity; now that’s brand identity.


This is pretty obvious; quality is part of your brand identity and a low quality stationery gift cannot possibly make a long lasting impact on your potential customers. The idea behind handing out free gifts is to add value by providing useful items. If your gifts are not of high quality, they would not only fail to make a positive impact but they would also hurt your brand image.

It Must Be Shareable

Make sure the stationery gifts you are giving people are shareable. Word of mouth is the most effective advertising strategy and you can take advantage of that by ensuring your corporate gifts are shareable. Usually if people like something, they recommend it to their friends and family. This type of recommendation has better impact than any flyer, brochure or booklet.

Details Are Important

As mentioned above, stationery designing and printing needs keen eyes to the details as they are important. Businesses all over the globe give their clients and customers gifts. That means you need to stand out from the crowd to get something in return. Everything can make a big difference; it could be classy fonts, the position of your business name on the gift, the packaging (if any) or any other thing that you could miss.

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