Best OOH advertising in 2017

Jan 3, 2018

OOH advertising is expected to experience a 4% increase globally in 2018 and expected to hit over $30 billion by 2021. OOH advertising was thought to be a dying trend in the past with digital means trumping OOH advertising. However, 2017 has shown us that OOH advertising has to change to a more creative method to improve conversions.

Let’s look at some of our favourite OOH advertisements around the world in 2017.

Samsonite weight tag

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Samsonite, a luggage maker noticed that people who travelled through planes had a problem with overweight baggage. They would have to pay an overweight charge because they were unable to weigh their luggage before getting to the airport. Therefore, they created the weight tag. It is a handle for your luggage that is designed to snap above 23kg. Besides being extremely useful for frequent travellers, it also became a conversation and a selling point for the brand.

Smirnoff Made in America

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Donald Trump becoming the president of the USA became one of the most controversial topics in 2017. His ties with Russia was a heated debate talked about amongst many Americans. Smirnoff took this opportunity to introduce their brand to people talking about the topic with the Made in America campaign. This was genius because this is a topic that was talked about by everyone and OOH was the best platform for this ad because they wanted as many people as possible to see it without any specific target audience. This helped Smirnoff become the conversation leader and increased brand awareness.

Spotify 2018 goals


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User trends are something that has always captivated people because they want to know who else is using the same things that they are using and what kind of people they are. Spotify’s 2018 goals campaign used this technique by placing large sized posters all over the world with user trends. The statistics chosen were quirky statistics that people could relate to.

As you can see, 2017 saw the year of the most creative OOH advertisements. These companies used strategies that were relatable to people and would create conversation amongst people. OOH advertising must be able to incite a conversation. The deeper the conversation, the more people will remember your brand. In 2018, brands need to make OOH advertisements that incite conversation in order to be successful. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your OOH advertising today or visit our online shop to make an order now!

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