Old-school method? Offset Printing

Feb 25, 2020

If you’re in the market on the lookout for any printing services for your needs, there’s a good chance you have come across offset printing. The differences between offset printing and its counterpart, digital printing, are pretty straightforward and it truly comes down to what you prefer and want for your business.  

For starters, offset printing is often referred to as the old-school method of printing, as people are now lured more towards the digital side of things. However, offset printing does have a couple tricks up it sleeves which still makes it the way to go for many people. And just to clarify things, skipping past the whole process of how it works, when making the comparison to the digital aspect of things, offset printing provides you with the option to have superior image quality when compared to digital printing. You are also getting better colour fidelity, which translates to you having both the accuracy of the colours and their balance in the design. This is due to the fact that with offset printing, you are able mix custom colour inks, which will naturally get the colours spot-on. Another perk with offset printing is that it works equally on almost any kind of material, which is great for people wanting to print on wood, leather, metal and so on. And if you happen to be carrying a higher order quantity, this suits the offset printing mechanic much better. 

However, there are people out there who will claim that offset printing is a trend reaching its end due to digital printing technologies, which in all honesty isn’t the case. There is a balance which is provided by both offset and digital printing, one which allows us, the consumers to have the option for what may be the most fitting option for people. And this can be based from our preferences, quantity of order or even the material we want to get printed on for their companies.  

All in all, whether offset or digital, anyone would want the best work done for them. And if you’re looking to get your printing services today, click on the link below to Print City, a company that provides printing services which is hailed as one of the best companies providing all sorts of printing services in SingaporeBesides being #1 in Singapore, they also offer either offset or digital, so you can take your pick.  

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