How To Make Sure Your Design Prints Are Correct

Jul 23, 2017

How To Make Sure Your Design Prints Are Correct

Designing prints offer numerous opportunities for a printing services company. However, there are mistakes that can seriously impact on the quality of the final prints. Also, some of the mistakes made are costly since running the print run is an expensive affair.

What are some of the tips printing services can adapt to produce top-notch large and small format printing and corporate and customized printing? Read on!

l Understand how the different programs work? Where are they best used?

Understand how various programs work. There are different tools which offer varying results. For instance, Photoshop is best for image editing while the illustrator scales up the image without losing clarity. The InDesign program is ideal for page layout printing.

l Use RGB color mode for Photoshop images

If you are dealing with Photoshop images, the RGB color mode offers a wide option of color selection. Also, it allows one to use one image for several media. Although the CYMK color mode is the preferred option, it offers limited options.

l Ensure the printing aligns properly on the page

It is important that the final print copy properly aligns on the page. Ensure you are using the genuine tools and test print to determine the alignment and design. Ensure it fits the to the page. Do not forget to check the printer setting before printing the final copy.

l Choose the right image format

There are various image formats ranging JPEG to PNG to BMP. Each format has its unique qualities that make it suitable for certain uses. For instance, JPEGs are ideal for digital photos, but the standard bitmap format does not work well in large scale graphic printing.

l The font matters

The font used on the print matters. Do not overcrowd a small format print. When doing a corporate or customized print, do not let the text (if any) overcrowd the image. It is best to stick to a simple and readable font for best results

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