How to maintain vinyl decals/stickers

May 23, 2018


How should I take some good care of my stripes? How long do wraps last? Can a vinyl hold up in the hot sun? These are some of the questions which most people ask often. However, the durability ratings of a wrap vary by location, application, colour, brand as well as type. The biggest determinant of the durability of stickers is based on their maintenance. The following are some of the precautions as well as maintenance practices which you can put in place for your vinyl decals/stickers.

Use the right type of vinyl

Any graphics from KI studios are ever covered. These studios use high-performance cast vinyl which is from reputable brands such as Oracle, Avery, and 3M for the longest durability levels as well as best conformability at installation available.

Prepare the vehicle surface

This step in the most crucial in the process of vinyl installations. If for example, your cars have a polish or wax, the vinyl will the stick on such polish or wax other than the car itself. It is therefore advisable that before taking your car for vinyl decals installation, clean its surface with a degreaser like alcohol or rubbing it with a liquid dish soap to help remove the waxing. You can as well use a spray bottle half filled with water and top up with half isopropyl alcohol.

Keep it clean

Most people have a strong belief that the sun is the biggest enemy for their vinyl stickers. However, pollution fallout and dirt in the atmosphere have a high effect on your vinyl far before the sun becomes a factor. As a matter of fact, vehicle graphics and wraps in hot climates have a rough life. Conversely, before the sun impacts your vinyl, dirt and pollution fallout will have negatively impacted it as well.

In cold places such as California, the graphics are affected by an acid dew. This is as a result of the morning dew which combines with the corrosive gases (as a result of pollution) in the atmosphere which then settles on your car graphics. To avoid this effect, simply keep your car clean or even wash it regularly. You can do this by the use of CA dusters as well their retail sprays such McGuiars or Mothers to dust your car as well as giving it a quick mist which you then wipe with the duster for a good start of the day.

Wax it

It is advisable that you wax a gloss wrap or vinyl stripe. It is as well recommendable that if your car has some cut vinyl areas, you wax it by your hands to avoid snagging the edge with a buffer. If you have a wrap, you can choose to use your favourite car wax. For cut graphics and stripes, use a stick with a liquid wax to avoid having white build ups at the edges. Whichever method you use, both the graphics and the paint will thank you for the extra protection.

Avoid pressure washers

Drive through car washes and pressure washers are bad for your paint as well as the graphics. It is advisable that you take your car for a hand wash to help maintain your vinyl decals

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