Below the line? Above the line? or Through the Line?

Mar 8, 2018

Nowadays, SEO strategies are one of the most effective ways to advertise a company site, especially one that has a blog. SEO helps readers find your site, as well as understand what your company offers and the products and services it produces. This is especially true for printing companies who, more often than not, are targeted by specific industries like publishing, art, or business. Despite the advancements in technology and reduction in printing, you can use both digital and print marketing to help market your company to potential consumers.

Below the Line

Digital strategies include the manipulation of SEO. This technique is often referred to as Below the line. Below the line tactics include many of the following, including owning a website, a blog, or even connecting with potential customers through social media and other forums. This particular technique is powerful because you can draw in newer customers to your company, all the while encouraging loyal customers to keep purchasing from your company. For example, say that a customer is searching for business tactics on the company site. You would combine elements such as writing about business, with printing in general, and then create an article dedicated to how your company can assist new and long-term business owners, like printing flyers and creating professional business cards. Not only will this convince the customer that the company knows what it’s doing, but it will also cause them to order from this company, thereby gaining yet another customer.

Above the Line

Print advertising is also a good way to promote your company. This technique is referred to as Above the line. After all, a printing company can print their own flyers and business cards, as well as network with other businesses with what they can do for the consumer. You could schedule radio interviews, as well as working with customers and handing out business cards to get good reviews for your company. For example, say there’s a print company near a university that can offer to print textbooks, lab notebooks, and more. In order to promote themselves, the company will have professors spread the word about their services so that students will go to them. In other words, students get what they need at a low price, and the printing company gets customers.

Through the Line

Despite many companies switching to below the line tactics, above the line tactics are just as important. Combining these two, also called through the line techniques, can help reach audiences, whether they be online or in person. When you use through the line techniques, you can customize your approach to marketing your company, whether that be through flyers and social media, or special events, openings, and blogging. It’s a great way for both online and offline marketing practices to come together, to be used to promote your business in a more extensive light.

Marketing your company is a stressful task. While marketing online or offline is effective, you can further promote your business by combining the two practices together. By using through the line techniques, you’ll be able to cultivate a growing market for your services, as well as gain customers that will provide you revenue in the long run.



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