Learn to Design A Perfect Poster for Your Marketing Campaign In Just 10 Minutes

Sep 22, 2016

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Almost every business in the world has designed and distributed posters at some point. The primary purpose of using posters as a marketing tool is to convey a simple yet concrete message. Unlike some other marketing materials like brochures and booklets, posters need to be simple and attractive at the same time. Although there is no strict restriction regarding the orientation of the poster yet vertical posters are more popular than their counterparts.

Let’s see how you can learn to design a perfect poster for your marketing campaign in just 10 minutes.


One of the most important things about designing a poster is making it readable from a distance. Whether you are using the poster in an event like trade show or you want to use it somewhere else to get people’s attention, it needs to have few designs aspects to be successful. Let’s take a look.

  • Headline: It is the main text that sends the primary message of the poster. It could be a simple text or a visual element depending on your business and marketing goals.
  • Information: Now with headline you have got readers’ attention, it is time to convey some detailed information. You poster must answer all the questions readers might have in their mind after reading the headline. Also, it needs to be concise simultaneously.


There is one rule of designing a great poster and that is “do not follow any rule”. If you follow all designing rules, you might end up with a boring outcome. However, experimenting with different colors, typography, sizes and illustrations would be fun. Sometimes a bold font can make a huge difference from the design aspect but you would never know that without trying. However, make sure all the elements of your poster have the same tone and same message.


Do not use pale gradients; instead opt for high contrast colors and textures so posters can attract readers toward them. Unlike billboards that can convey their message from hundreds of feet away, posters cannot do that. At best, the headline can grab people’s attention from a relatively smaller distance and when they come close, the poster can send the message in details.

That’s why using high contrast colors are recommended to increase the readability during daylight as well as in low light at night. Especially in events, high contrast posters can help your business stand out in the crowd.

Call to Action

Unfortunately, call to action is an important part of a poster but usually designers ignore it because it is more related to the marketing than designing. Without a call to action (or even without a clear call to action), a poster is useless. Unlike web posters and banners, embedding call to action in physical posters could be a little tricky. Sometimes it could be simple contact information like phone number, email address or website address while sometimes you have to encourage users for email subscription via QR code or some other way.

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