What is large format printing?

Nov 28, 2017

We have previously gone through some of the problems with large format prints. However, exactly what is large format printing and how can you use it for your business? Large format printing is called so because it is literally larger then what a normal sized print it considered. It is an advertising medium that has been very popular for many years. These are evergreen marketing materials that always work because they are eye-catching. Pull up banners, posters, backdrops, and point of sales displays are some examples of large format printing that are very popular.


Posters are the most common form of large format prints that have been around forever. The dynamics of posters, however, has changed over time. In the past, posters were used to literally list down a product or a service that a business is offering. They were typically in large words in attractive fonts and colors. In the years to come, poster featured more people. Take a walk around town 5 years ago and you would see billboards with posters of men and women who were considered good looking, typically in minimal clothing. But hey, sex sells right? However, with the introduction of social media and the easy access that people had to these models, the less they noticed posters. These days, posters are designed in a way that induces conversation with creative design elements in it. Check out this post on some of our most favorite posters in recent years.

Pull up banners

Pull up banners and pop up display systems are commonly used during events. Events are an excellent location for businesses looking to interact with their potential customers face to face. With more businesses forgoing brick and mortar stores for online stores, it has become hard to form a human connection with customers. Social media gives businesses an opportunity to interact with their customers online. However, nothing beats the intimacy of a face to face meetup. There are many conventions such as IT shows, furniture fairs and baby fairs that happen in Singapore once every few months. Businesses who take part in these fairs provide offers on latest products and services that they have and experience high conversion rates. There are many businesses that take part in these fairs. Therefore, you need to print something that stands out and attracts customers.

Point of sales display

Point of sales or point of purchase displays is usually placed near the cashier. This is the last effort for brands to get their products in front of customers. These are a good form of advertising because they remain in the customer line of sight when queueing. The more attractive the display is, the more likely they are to purchase it. These serve as good reminders for customers. This shelf space is usually at a premium price. If you are going to spend the extra money to place your products at this stage, it is worth the investment to make it stand out from the competition.

Backdrops and wall stickers

Stage backdrops and stickers are usually placed at shopping malls or places with high human traffic. The fact that these usually take up large amounts of real estate just means that it is very important for it to be noticeable by the audience. They are usually used to announce an upcoming store and do not damage the wall. Stickers can also be used on vehicles for advertising. Car advertising is a platform that has very low competition. This could be a great idea for businesses who have products and services catered towards car owners and road users. Businesses interested in trying out car advertising can contact our subsidiary

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