Large Format Print is The New Trendsetter in Marketing

Aug 8, 2016

Large format printing services available at PrintCity

PrintCity offers various large format printing services for standees, wall murals, canvas banners, building banners, fabric banners and many other formats.

21st century has redefined the marketing and advertising industry as the majority of businesses relies on digital media yet the effectiveness of traditional marketing hasn’t faded yet. The popularity of digital media is exactly the problem; because of so many businesses and brands advertising themselves on the internet, they fail to grab viewers’ attention. On the other hand, traditional marketing weapons like banners and standees can do miracle if businesses use them smartly.

A Variety of Banner Options

PrintCity offers canvas banners, fabric banners and many others. Let’s clear few things about these different types of banners and what attributes they have.

The most common type is vinyl that has many advantages over its close competitor – canvas. Vinyl offers many qualities like 13, 15 and 18 ounce weight and these are usually recommended for trade shows, exhibitions and billboards because of their portability and ease of use. On the other hand, canvas banners are either made with cotton, nylon or polyester. Without any doubt, canvas banners look more appealing as compared to vinyl but they are not cost efficient and durable.

Regardless of what type of banner you want to create, a well designed banner must have the ability to grab readers’ attention at the first glance. Especially when you are using banners in trade shows and exhibitions, you would be competing with lots of other businesses and brands. That’s where a well designed banner can increase your brand awareness and do miracles.

Use the Banners effectively

Unlike other marketing material like flyers and brochures, banners offer lots of space but on the contrary you should use very little contents on it because of readability. The more contents you put there, the more boring it would become and also it would become harder for people to read small size text. Before you hire a professional to design the banner, the first and most important thing you should consider it the location of that banner – where you would put it on display.

There are many reasons to use this reverse approach; it would help you choose a better color scheme, background color or texture and even the fonts. However, in most of the cases, the simple formula is to use high contrast instead of gradients or dull colors. High contrast colors would make it easier for viewer to read the contents from a distance and additionally, they would help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Bigger Text, Better Reach

Always use large text – that’s no brainer. As mentioned above, unlike flyers and leaflets, banners have to get people’s attention from a distance and that’s their primary job. The large text would help your convey the main message out in the open. However, you don’t have to use large fonts for everything but only the primary message must be large and you can use slogan or call to action in medium size. Also, when it comes to any marketing material that has to do its job from a distance (like banners, billboards and stage backdrop), simpler is always better.

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