Five Most Common Types of Label Materials

Sep 2, 2016

printing firms in singapore use a variety of materials for product labelling

Singapore printing companies rely on different materials to make product labels. Even though there is information about the various materials in the market, knowing them upfront can help you to make the right decisions for your business when ordering the labels.

Here are five common types of materials used to print product labels.

Classic Crest Labels

They are an ideal choice for making wine labels, as they are made from white paper stock. Some of them also have a dull matte finish. They are however not suitable for lamination, and so they are not water resistant.

Clear BOPP Labels

Clear BOPP labels are made from a Polypropylene material that has the same water resistant qualities like the White BOPP. One of the advantages is that they have a unique “no label” appearance that is ideal for window stickers. New reverse printing technology allows companies to incorporate an image on the label.

Removable White BOPP Labels

The removable white BOPP labels are made from the same material as the clear BOPP labels. The only difference is that they have a less aggressive adhesive which makes it easy for one to reposition or remove it from the product if the need arise.

Woven Satin Cloth Labels

Woven satin cloth label is perfect for spirit and wine label. The liner is stronger than most label materials, and this makes it well suited for machine application. It is also important to note that the label can be removed using hot water, but this is dependent on the water temperature, dwell time, and substrate.

White Flexible Vinyl Labels

The vinyl material is thicker than BOPP is and is ideal for labels that require greater durability and strength.

Be sure to check the quality of the final label before you make your final decision. If possible, request for prototypes in advance to get value for money.

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