Why ISO Certification Matters: Printing Industry Standards Drive Excellence

Jul 5, 2016


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification is recognized globally as a recognition of a company’s commitment to quality and consistency. Within the printing industry, ISO certification is highly sought after and ISO standards have been embraced by many print businesses. The ISO certification process helps print companies work toward an exhaustive approach to product quality, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

ISO Certification and ISO 9001

The ISO’s only job is developing standards. The international non-profit based in Switzerland provides thousands of standards for industrial, manufacturing and technology companies, developed using proprietary methodology and techniques. ISO standards provide the information that businesses need to maintain global standards of quality and consistency of product attributes. According to the ISO, the organization has published more than 21,000 International Standards and related documentation (as of January 2016).

ISO 9001 is unique in that this ISO certification is provided to companies that maintain proper standards specifically around their quality management systems (QMS). According to the ISO, the 9001 certification means that the producer or reseller has developed a “systematic approach to quality management”. Simply put, ISO certification allows customers to make purchases with confidence knowing that their vendor is part of a total-quality approach to production and distribution. 

ISO Certification and the Printing Industry

ISO 12647 is the ISO standard that specifically relates to printing and the print industry. Within ISO 12647, international production standards have been set for printing products and services that include:

  • Standards for paper and printing inks
  • Techniques for color and tone management including CIELAB systems and tone value increase (TVI) controls
  • Quality-testing methods
  • Minimum-quality standards

Printing with Confidence

Quality and consistency are two of the most important attributes clients expect from their printing company. At Print City, we operate under ISO 12647 as well as other industry standards to ensure that every product and service we provide meets global expectations of quality and consistency.

From a local newsletter or flyer to an exhibition booth and collateral that will appear in cities around the world, we are able to provide consistently high-quality print work as well as marketing and conference support so that you can make the best impression for your business.

Print City is a division of MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd. Collectively, we are able to offer clients a complete solution for their marketing, design, print and event needs. We have friendly customer service and fast turnaround for those time-sensitive projects.Printing Services

For your large or small assignments, contact one of our print and design representatives using our hotline or contact us via our website. If we miss your call, please leave us a message and we will respond to you by the next business day or sooner.

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