Is your Corporate Gift As Handy As A USB Flash Drive?

Aug 11, 2016

Be in the memory of your client by giving them a USB as a corporate gift from Print CityGiving USB flash drives as a corporate gift or promotional gift is a new concept and it is getting good traction. USB drives can help in effective marketing.

The concept of corporate gifts is decades old and businesses all over the globe have been using it as an effective brand development tactic. The problem is companies adopt others’ strategies that make it harder for new businesses to stand out from the crowd. They need to continuously come up with better ideas to make a positive impact. USB flash drives have proved themselves a suitable gift for clients and new customers.

Why USB Flash Drives?

There are various reasons to use USB flash drives as a corporate gift. First of all, these small gadgets have high value factor considering their cheap prices and long life span. People always need media to transfer data from one place to another and that’s where USB flash drives come in handy. The practical use of these devices means they would be out in the open and thousands of people would see them in its life span.

Additionally, we are not just talking about a normal USB flash drive but PrintCity offers customized USB drives and printing services that mean you can design your own USB drives and use them as a marketing tool. Unlike many other corporate gifts that are given to new customers in trade events and exhibitions, USB flash drives have higher value that makes it harder for the people to throw them away even if they don’t need it.

Another reason behind choosing USB drives as a corporate gift is their usefulness. Even people, who don’t need them personally, give them to other people and that would fulfill your purpose of marketing and brand development.

Things You Should Know About Using USB Drives as Corporate Gifts

PrintCity has years of experience in designing USB drives and we have learned a thing or two in this exciting journey. There are many things you should know about using USB drives as corporate gifts. Let’s take a look.

– USB drives are more popular among younger people as compared to older ones. That means you should use them as promotional gifts if your target audience belong to a younger age group.

– We always say one thing; quality matters. Whether you are designing and printing a large billboard or designing a small sized USB, quality matters a lot. Theoretically, your promotional gifts must have higher quality than your products because those gifts would give the first impression of your brand and you cannot get a second chance for the first impression.

– The storage space of USB drives have direct correlation with its usefulness and practice use. USB drives with more storage space would cost more but this extra cost is justifiable in term of marketing as people carry bigger (in storage) USB drives here and there while smaller USB drives stay in back of the drawer.

– Don’t use the surface of USB drive as an ad but instead only print your logo, business name on them.


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