Introduction to Pull Up Banners

Oct 5, 2015

The pull up banner is the latest technology in promotion for trade shows and other corporate business venues where the company identity will be on display for potential clients to see. Pull up display kits tout extreme portability and high-profile visibility. Their ability to draw the attention of  trade show attendees from a distance is their main attraction, combined with their unique ability to be customized to tailor individual needs makes them unbeatable advertisement tools.

Companies that are considering setting up at a business expo or show enjoy the freedom that pull up banners affords them, as they can be easily carried over the shoulder in a lightweight bag with a strap. Sometimes called retractable banners, they can be pulled up quickly and easily during the set up of a show. This frees up valuable time for other tasks.

What exactly is a pull up banner? It’s the newest thing in portable display systems, used largely by corporations for shows where they put their products or services out in the public eye of the community to gain exposure. They are similar to a retractable screen and are fully adjustable in regards to height. With attractive spot lighting, pull up banners can be even more effective than they were originally designed to be. They can easily be grouped together to form a make-shift booth at an event, without them looking awkward in this way.

As some events can be rather large, at times there are clients who have stopped by your booth to gain information, and then stepped away to browse. It can be difficult to again locate a particular company without the use of a well-positioned pull up banner, yet a banner with a company identity or message placed high on the graphics can bring browsers back to your booth quickly. Strategically placed at the end of aisles with arrows, the banner can also serve to direct business right to your booth. This is one of the most advantageous points about the pull up banner printing.

Your corporate logo or identity on a pull up banner can be seen from the other side of the room, along with a few choice words, phrases or a company message. Without even having to talk with a sales associate, people walking by will get an imprint of your logo and a message about your business that will stay with them.

Some of the benefits that pull up banners offer:

– Compact upon closing, pull up banners can be stored in a much smaller space than older out of date promotional materials.

– Full-color infographics are known to be extremely effective in branding.

– Outdoor durability withstands high winds and poor weather conditions.

– When retracted into the base, banner is fully protected against the elements.

– Cost effective enough for multiple purchases to create better visibility.

– Sleek and stylish, able to be customized for any corporation.

– Proven effectiveness in the marketplace for confidence where you are spending your money.

– Long lasting investment that will pay off for years to come.

Pull up banner stands are also able to be set on elevation for additional visibility. They are perfect for providing company contact information for customers who are waiting in line to pay for products or services. With all of the benefits that they bring to the table, pull up banners are a wise investment for any sized corporate budget.

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