Improving OOH advertising

Dec 8, 2017

OOH advertising stands for out of home advertising. Anything that a customer sees outside of their home is considered OOH advertising. This could include things like posters, wall stickers, pull up banners and display standees. However, with more digital marketing methods available these days, more advertisers are attempting to completely forgo OOH advertising for digital marketing.

Digital marketing is great because of its ability to track conversions and generally cheaper price point. However, the problem with digital marketing is the inability to increase your existing audience pool. When you do SEO, you are trying to attract the people who are already searching for products or services that you provide. However, there is very little you can do to increase the number of people searching for your product or service. An ideal marketing strategy involves both digital and OOH advertising means.

Augmented reality

AR is a technology that is ready to explode in the next few years. Apple recently announced their latest flagship phone, iPhone X, that is AR ready. Advertisers should start looking towards creating content based on AR to capture this market. AR has been around since the 1990s. The market may not have been ready for AR at the time because there weren’t many devices that were AR ready. Companies that tried AR advertising at the time did not do very well because of this reason. Since more devices are now AR-ready, there has never been a better time to explore AR advertising.

QR codes

Again, QR codes are nothing new. When QR codes first came out, they were popular because there was a thrill of seeing what was on the other side of the QR code. However, marketers at the time did not create valuable enough content and QR codes quickly gained the bad reputation of having useless information. However, with more advertisers creating valuable content online, QR codes can be useful to grow your audience pool. Ensure that your poster or wall sticker has a compelling enough statement to encourage your audience to scan the QR code. Advertisers must also ensure that the content that the audience will view after scanning the QR code is valuable to the audience.


Businesses are understanding the value of social media and often create campaigns that include social media interaction as well. Hashtags are a great way to do this because it allows your audience to start a conversation on social media with you and other customers. Use these hashtags when creating any form of OOH advertising to let new audiences jump into the conversation.

Even though we are moving towards the digital world, advertisers should not totally forgo traditional marketing methods. Instead, they should attempt to marry the two in a way that ensures your marketing campaign gains the highest conversions and impressions. Consult our professionals to find out how you can introduce marketing methods into your print. If you already have your artwork ready, you can print it yourself at our online store.

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