Importance of Posters Printing

Jul 17, 2016

Posters are like big brothers of flyers; both are used to promote brand, products, services, promotions and deals. Contrary to popular belief, posters do not offer bigger space as compared to flyers regardless of their physical size difference. Because posters are read and seen from a distance, everything should be big enough. Following are some tips and tricks of designing awesome posters and using them effectively for your business.

It Should be Readable

We at PrintCity, design posters and we have seen clients who want to put everything on a poster. They want to add essentials things like name, contact information, logo, slogan and unnecessary small details too. Unfortunately, the space offered by a poster is finite and most of the time posters are used at a height that means everything (font, pictures, logo etc.) should be big enough so an average person can see and read it. Additionally, many people don’t even read the full poster so you have to make your headline compelling.


Make sure you use high contrast colors and texture in the background, pictures and fonts. The end result might not look good in digital form but without seeing the poster from a distance and daylight, you won’t understand the benefits of high contrast. The best way to understand the different between a digital form and physical poster, see some previous projects.

Stand Out from the Crowd

That’s applicable on all kind of digital and offline marketing techniques; as there are millions of businesses all over the globe and regardless of your industry, you might have thousands of direct competitors, it is getting harder and harder to grab people’s attention. The only way to do that is to stand out from the crowd. You need to keep a keen eye on small details; for example, designers and businesses usually prefer posters with white background. However, you can take the bold step and used colored background.

Size and Location are Correlated

The size of your poster and the location where you are going to use it are highly associated. Visit the actual location and you would get the idea of what size, orientation and aspect ratio you should use. The location of poster is important in designing too; for example, if you are going to use the poster somewhere with lots of trees or green background, then you need to think about a compatible contrast. The same goes for the sun location and how the poster would look like at different time of the day.

Call to Action

So, you have advertised your product, business or service. You have increased your brand awareness, but have you provided people the right direction of what they should do? Like every other advertising media, Call to Action is important here too. Let them know how they can contact you, get your services/products and make their life easier or solve a particular problem.

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