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Sep 22, 2015

The secret to running a successful event lies with the planning more than the actual execution, although the execution is of importance as well. When every stage is planned out flawlessly, it’s going to run well, despite un-looked for mishaps that may occur.

Some tips to running a successful event:

– Promotion for the event is of the utmost importance and includes mail invitations, online registration, as well as a fair amount of integrated marketing effects including phone calls, direct mail, and an event website separate from any main website that the company may own.

Email invitations are going to be the most cost effective of all promotion, but in order to be effective, they must look professional. Be advised that email invitations are generally not considered important by receivers. It takes a lot of work to convince recipients that they should take it seriously.

– Since a one-size-fits-all email invitation is only going to result in so many responses favorably, customizing the invitation to target specific groups of people will bring a higher yield of RSVPs in.

– Creating a dynamic event website and promoting it is key to the success of the event. Attendees these days prefer to register and pay online, and you must give them the opportunity to do so or risk losing them. Registering online is preferred for the event planner as well because it shows how many attendees there will be, so that other aspects of the event can be planned properly.

– Surveying the attendees as they begin to RSVP will allow the event planner to customize the events in realtime and tailor the events to suit the attendees’ needs.

– Eliminate any need to collect registration payments in person by fully automating the registration. Give them only one option- to register through the website. This also directs prospective attendees to the one place where they can find out everything they want to know about the event- the website. Make sure you are operating a secure website equipped to handle credit cards. You do not want the nightmare of having to handle them in person prior to the event.

– Let your software program handle all of the mundane or tedious tasks of yesterday. Use the technology that is available to help you turn difficult tasks into simple ones.

– Planning out the small details is the secret to event success. This may include everything from the reservation of the building or room to the tracking of attendees arriving and leaving.

An event planner must have excellent time management and be able to coordinate the scheduling of an entire team running the event. Resourcefulness is essential. Be cautious in choosing who will head-up the event. They will make or break the success of the engagement.

Great communication skills are the signature of an event planner who knows what he’s doing. He must be able to talk with each member of the event team without talking down to anyone or feeling as though he is in charge. Knowing how to get people to work hard for you is a skill that pays off.

Above all, plan your event with passion for the cause and you will not fail to do the job well. Start finding the right event companies in Singapore to support your events needs today!


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